Saturday, January 04, 2014

Is Femen for real?

A member of the feminist group Femen disrupted Christmas mass at Cologne Cathedral by jumping topless onto the altar with the words "I am God" daubed on her body.

I'm not sure what to make of actions like these. If the church were a more powerful force in modern Europe I could understand that atheist radicals might harbour hostile feelings toward it. But why would a leftist woman bother to protest a church that is already clearly marginalised? It comes across as theatrically insincere.

Even the slogan "I am God" just seems to be attention grabbing.

My feeling is that there is something fake about this.


  1. "Even the slogan "I am God" just seems to be attention grabbing."

    You mean other than the fact that it's in English not French?

    1. You noticed. Its surprising how many protest signs in foreign counties are tailored to the English speaking TV audience. Or maybe I should say its not surprising?

  2. I bet the Germans didn't even arrest her.

  3. Obviously on drugs or drug addled. These women need help. It was uncovered most of them are desperate ex-ukranian pornstars and prostitutes with children. They are being exploited for their appearance.
    Which is darkly humourous that feminists can't find attractive women to jump up and down for them they need to go to poor eastern European countries and buy them.

    I hope there are people that can get help them in their communities.

    1. These displays of vulgar disruption run much deeper on the conspiracy scale than just "feminists".

  4. Rambling: "It was uncovered most of them are desperate ex-ukranian pornstars and prostitutes with children. They are being exploited for their appearance."

    Right. They are paid defilers, disgracing themselves, their race, their nations (especially Ukraine) and their ancestral religion, because the men who put up the money for this want that from them.

    This is called feminism.

  5. Replies
    1. That's what I thought at first too.

      But this is at Cologne Cathedral and the words are in English not German. So this was written and staged for the international, English-speaking mass media, with the people and church reduced to just props. She's not trying to get the attention of the people present, she's posing for the camera.

      Second, she's the opposite of self-expressive, internally directed and autonomous. If she wanted not to flash her tits, that's not her choice. It's do it or you're out in Femen.

      She's a prostitute performing for a client, and what the client required of her that she befoul the Christian, traditional, white European culture that reaches a sacred peak in that cathedral. And in doing do that she befoul herself, an instance of European womanhood, which European men have had an obsession with since ancient times. (The medieval cult of chivalry is one example of it.)

      On her client's command she's presenting herself as megalomaniac, attention-seeking, impious, immodest, and a variety of other things, all morally repulsive.

      So the bad impression she's creating is not the obvious message failing, it's part of the inobvious message succeeding.

      Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

    2. TDT nails it and wins the Internet

  6. It was revealed that there is a man behind Femen. His motive is most likely to push sexual freedom. To do so carefully, he uses women to do it.