Saturday, July 06, 2013

Does Evin Cetin really love all Swedes?

The Swedish Social Democrats are the left-liberal party in that country. One of their members is a young woman of Kurdish descent by the name of Evin Cetin.

Evin Cetin does not like the rival Sweden Democrats, the party of Swedish nationalists. So she dressed up in Swedish national costume and claimed that she was "more Swedish" than the Sweden Democrats because she "loved all Swedes":
"For me, Swedishness is about tolerance, about openness, about helping people and giving people the chance to build a good life," she tells The Local, adding that it's a political ideology she hopes to take with her to Brussels if elected.

"Wearing national dress on the Sweden Democrats' day was sending a very clear message that we should not hand over the concept of Swedishness to forces that are against Sweden," she said.

"The Sweden Democrats are Sweden-hostile."

Cetin said she considers herself more Swedish than the Sweden Democrats because she loves nine million Swedes, whereas the party only loves about five million.

"They only love some Swedes, I love all of them."

But here's the kick to this story. Evin Cetin caused some controversy last year when she made a trip to the Middle-East and was photographed dancing with the guerrilla fighters of Kurdistan’s Free Life Party (PJAK).

Evin Cetin dancing with Kurdish guerrilla fighters

So on the one hand Evin Cetin wants to define the Swedish people out of existence by claiming that Swedish identity is based on nothing more than tolerance and helping people. But on the other hand she supports an armed struggle for a homeland for her own Kurdish ethnic group.

Evin Cetin doesn't love all Swedes. If she did she would want the same goods for them that she claims for herself, including the good of being able to live within an ethnic homeland. Her willingness to define the Swedes out of existence as one of the distinct peoples of the world is an act of aggression not of love.


  1. Sweden seems in a worse state than Norway and Denmark.

  2. I'm tolerant. I'm open. I want to help people and give them the chance to build a good life. Oh my, I think I'm Swedish!

  3. Most of the planet is in a worse state than Norway and Denmark, so that's not saying much, Alcestis.

  4. Most of the planet is in a worse state than Norway and Denmark, so that's not saying much, Alcestis.

    I was talking concerning the worldview, habits/norms and twisted evil secular religion of enlightened liberal modernity, but that's a good point anyways.

    Good point.

  5. @ Alcestis Eshtemoa

    You have no idea how bad it is in Sweden. Freedom of speech is stone cold dead. Only the ones who are PC are allowed to have an opinion. The rest of us are racist/islamophobes etc etc. Quite irritating...

  6. Sweden will be an Islamic Republic in 20-30 years. Close your borders and forsee a gigantic flood of refugees 10-20 years from now.

  7. There is something rotten in the state of Sweden!

  8. Non-swedes, keep an eye on our country, and report to your fellow countrymen. This probably will be the first EU-country to collapse. Maybe it is just me that have this bad feeling, and I certainly hope so. We have reasonable good economy, but we lack self-respect and love for our nation. Just last week, all the leaders (except one), one-by-one, told the Swedish people on national TV that they want to, and will continue the mass-immigration, free health care for illegal immigrants and free school for their children (a new law that came into effect this month). Thanks, and I hope that your nation will not follow in the Swedish footsteps.

  9. Kurdish people lived together with Turkish people for many many centuries in Anatolia. Yet unfortunately some of them haven't learnet to LOVE ALL TURKS ! How they learnt to love all Swedens in 3 months?
    Don't believe those who betrayed their own country.