Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Charles Sims

Charles Sims was born in Islington, London, in 1873. He became successful as an artist quite early in life, from 1896 onwards. He seems to have been particularly inspired by the beauty of well-dressed women, but also by nature, family and classical mythology.

His life became troubled during the First World War. He lost one of his young sons and he found it difficult to cope with what he witnessed as a war artist.

Here are some of his earlier works, painted prior to the war:

The Kite

Untitled, 1898

The Little Faun 1906

Exaltation of a flower 1906

In Elysium

Artist's wife and son on the dunes at Etretat, Normandy


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I would definitely pay top dollar for those paintings. I love posts about high culture.

  2. 'Untitled, 1898' is really beautiful. It also looks like she's rushing in to make sure he's not messing up her loom :D

  3. I find the last one particularly beautiful, especially the portrayal of the wife.