Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Advantage China

Tze Chao worked as an engineer for DuPont in America for 26 years. But he betrayed the company by selling important trade secrets to China. He has revealed that Chinese agents appealed to his ethnic loyalty to encourage him to hand over information to the People's Republic of China.

Lawrence Auster observes:
On the basis of the sacred American liberal belief that only the universal human individual is real and ethnicity doesn't matter, we keep allowing the whole world to enter America. But the tiny little problem with this noble scheme is that the people we are allowing into this country on the basis of the belief that ethnicity doesn't matter, do not themselves believe that ethnicity doesn't matter.



    "The Chinese actually conspire to keep non-Chinese people from learning their language. They do this by never speaking Chinese to you. Here in the USA, if you ask a Chinese a question or speak to them in Chinese, they answer in English.

    I have been studying Mandarin for many years and this is invariably the case. They do not want anyone speaking their language because you will be able to listen in on their conversations. But if you will notice any Chinese sitting near you in restaurants or coffee shops or offices, they are always listening in on our conversations."

  2. Invariably? There are Chinese professors of Chinese...

  3. Ethnic loyalty is almost as predictable as gravity. Only a deluded liberal ideologue would think that defying gravity was a good idea.

  4. Ask your typical white Western liberal about this case, and he'll shrug - "So, what if there are Chinese-American traitors? There have also been native born, white American traitors."

  5. Just to be clear, I wasn't casting doubt on the idea that the Chinese in America act in the interests of their cousins back home. There is plenty of evidence to suggest they do. It's one more reason why admitting non-whites into the U.S. was unwise.

    I just haven't seen much evidence for the claim that the Chinese are against the teaching of their language to foreigners. I think there is a lot of the evidence for the contrary.

    Their is, of course, the Confucius Institute whose sole mission is to promote "Chinese language and culture, support Chinese teaching internationally..." etc. My guess is that the Chinese have observed that language is power, and the wider afield one's language is spoken, the more influence it wields. If Chinese becomes widely taught, to which country will international teachers look for textbooks, media, audio-lingual clips, movies, etc.? And who controls the production of the aforementioned in China?

  6. This is called the 1000 grains of sand strategy, and it often isn't voluntary. It works like this..lets say a chinese worker is coming here on a work visa. He will be approached by chinese intelligence. They will tell him that if he comes across anything interesting, send it to the motherland. If he does, little sister Li might get admitted to Beijing University. If he doesn't, well, little sister li might not even pass highschool. They will accept anything..blueprints, a simple test result, a list of supplies, anything. Every little grain of sand gives one little thing and Chinese intelligence puts it all together. If westerners complain, Chinese agents mobilise the grievance committees and anti-racist groups and use lawfare to get silence the dissenters.

  7. The recent "Bloomberg Business Week" (Mar 18-25?) has a long article on industrial espionage & trade secret theft, particularly by the Chinese. It's a good read, and gives some marvellous examples of the naivete of Westerners who believe other races are "just like us".