Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leftist hero attacks feminism

Is the love affair between leftist men and feminism finally over? This is what Julian Assange has to say after his encounter with a couple of feminist admirers in Sweden went wrong:

Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism. I fell into a hornets' nest of revolutionary feminism.

A commenter at this site, Van Wijk, put the conundrum for leftist men well in a previous discussion:

Liberalism is a melange of falsehoods, many of which are directly contradictory. What we're witnessing is the collision of two of these: the right of all individuals to sleep with whoever they like without consequence, and the right of a woman to never be used or objectified by a man. Whatever the outcome of this case, one right will be devoured by the other.

Sweden is attempting to resolve the contradiction through feminist "date rape" laws which make men vulnerable to legal complaint. There is no way Assange can blame conservatism or traditional society or Christianity or patriarchy for this; these laws are clearly a creation of a left-wing, modern, secular feminist society.

And so, as a leftist man who is a target of these feminist laws, he is now speaking of feminism in strongly negative terms. As I've written before, I've already noticed a trend at some of the men's rights sites for leftist men to turn against feminism.

Interesting how politics can change.


  1. A number of leftist men do seem to be getting sick of aggressive "identity politics" which they see as a distraction from the more important goal of moderating economic equality - a trend which is likely to continue as the recession wears on. The most articulate leftist blogger in NZ for example is very critical of the "chardonnay socialism" of the NZ Green Party.

    One of the best selling political books to be coming out of the UK at the moment is called Red Toryism" which argues that social liberalism has been bad news for the British working class.

  2. How on earth did feminists morph into puritans.

    Is there anything funnier than a feminist falling for a cad.

  3. "The Saudi Arabia of feminism". Sounds like a god-awful place to me. The nearest we have to come to this in Australia is the state of Victoria where men are demonized in the legislation as source of all domestic violence and abortion is legal right up until birth.

    If we aren't the Saudi Arabia of feminism then perhaps we are the Yemen or the Oman or the Jordan.

    Left-wing, feminist, pro-abortion, Emily's Listers enjoyed 10 years of ascendancy under Brumby. And Ballieu will do nothing to wind back their influence or their "progressive" laws.

    Labor would never have come to power without legions of working class men voting for them, ignorant that they were voting for their own emasculation.

  4. Quite right that there is no way that Assange can blame this on traditional society and on Christianity. There have been some recents attempts by gamers and leftist men to do this but it's failing. Instead Assange is comparing it to Islam (which is slightly more accurate really).

  5. Thankfully traditionalist conservatives on the web are moving towards a mixed economy instead of a free market one (right-liberalism). I think this has to do with the rejection of Beck, Palin and others like them occuring right now among social conservatives.

    Also somebody here asked how feminists have morphed into 'puritans'. I think it's the left-wing alliance with Islam or something.

  6. The idiot "men's rights" types have taken up the cudgels for Julian on the dubious grounds that the enemy of their enemy must be a friend. I say, if the Leftists are busy cannibalizing each other, sit back and enjoy the fight (and hope that it is long and bloody).

  7. Feminists were always puritans, seeing as how feminism was in large part an offshoot of female temperance movements.

  8. It is funny, leftism was always supposed to be aimed at those bad men, not me a good guy, says Assange. To be fair to him though he's not a typical leftist he is a pure libertarian leftist, no controls on the individual etc. Many libertarian men don't like the idea of the sisters cramping their style.

  9. During my youth, two countries, and only two, were considered to be absolutely above criticism. It was more than one's livelihood was worth to be overheard pointing out a single major fault in either nation.

    You've probably guessed which countries I'm referring to. One was Sweden. The other was Mao's China. Various recent books have shown up Maoism for the evil and mass-murderous lie it always was, but until Assange's downfall, Sweden remained sacrosanct.

    I remember trying decades ago - without the smallest success, of course - to interest various of Australia's so-called conservative intellectuals in Roland Huntford's hatchet-job on Swedish left-liberalism, THE NEW TOTALITARIANS. Every finding Huntford made in that book has been abundantly validated in the intervening years, not least given what we now know (but Huntford did not) concerning Sweden's eugenics programme, which began in the 1930s and was still going at full throttle until 1976 (i.e. under the secular saint Olof Palme).

    Interestingly, statistics indicate that Sweden is one of the very few countries in Europe where Catholicism's numbers are increasing - although very slowly - without, as in modern England, wholesale immigration. The numbers remain tiny (in the single digits as a percentage of Swedes in general) but they're not without significance.

    Evelyn Waugh, visiting Stockholm in the 1940s, noted that Swedish Catholics, though even then extremely few, were impressively devout and literate. Today, the Catholicism which attracts Swedes (including some high-profile converts) is traditional Latin Mass Catholicism. Happy-clappy, Kumbaya Catholicism, which is all that the average Australian "Catholic" either knows about or cares about - given that his brain lives in a trailer-park even when his body doesn't - isn't cutting it in the social-democrat paradise.

  10. Amfortas says:

    So, Anonymous calls Men's Rights men, 'idiots'. So, men should not have Rights too??

    Yes there is something funnier than a feminist falling for a cad. A Feminist whining about 'Eekwalitee' and getting the cops in to do her dirty work.

  11. Anonymous men and women shouldn't have ''rights''. Especialy the liberal definition of ''rights''.

    Liberal definition of ''rights'' include: immigration rights', racial rights, worker's rights, economic rights, children's rights, women's rights, men's rights, adoslecent rights, vacation rights, etc.

    To them everything is a human, civil right and if you hate these things then you're monster or something...

  12. If Assange is actually found guilty of rape, and the facts are as reported, then probably half of all the men in the West are also "rapists". Which would suit feminists, women just fine; then any second "day after", or "week after", or "month after", or "year after", etc. thoughts could be rationalized away as merely a side effect of having been "raped". The added bonus of being able to have a man jailed if he didn't call, or didn't call soon enough, or went off with some other woman, etc. is frosting on the cake.

    Of course, the side effect of broadening the definition of "rape" will be to further alienate men from women, and that includes marriage, because "marital rape" laws are pretty settled by now. What seems "just" to a pretty feminist woman of 25 may not look so good when she's over 30 and suddenly aware of her biological clock ringing in the background.

    Come to think of it, I suspect far too many "traditionalist" women have no objection to this broadening of "rape"...such a tool would be just to handy not to have in the back of the kitchen drawer, so to speak.

  13. ''Come to think of it, I suspect far too many "traditionalist" women have no objection to this broadening of "rape"...such a tool would be just to handy not to have in the back of the kitchen drawer, so to speak.''

    In your relativism you think up is down and down is up. I see you're one of the leftist men trying to blame this on traditional Christianity. Well it's failing. Blame this on Islam or better yet on liberalism instead.

  14. I wrote:

    ''Come to think of it, I suspect far too many "traditionalist" women have no objection to this broadening of "rape"...such a tool would be just to handy not to have in the back of the kitchen drawer, so to speak.''

    Elizabeth Smith:
    In your relativism you think up is down and down is up. I see you're one of the leftist men trying to blame this on traditional Christianity.

    Chuckle. Looks like I touched a nerve with my comment. But the reality is, traditionalist women are all too willing to benefit from the various legal weapons that feminism hands to them, all the while protesting their own purity of motives.

    I've seen more than one oh-so-traditional, church going, woman decide to dump her husband. A false accusation of crime makes that much easier. Having an ever-broader definition of "rape" in the arsenal provides you with a nuclear option that you do not have to actually use, yet still intimidates ol' hubby just fine.

    Well it's failing. Blame this on Islam or better yet on liberalism instead.

    The ever broader definition of "rayyype" is clearly a feminist invention, that surely is designed to facilitate female hypergamous urges as so much of feminism is. You flatter yourself needlessly if you believe this is all about you, because it isn't.

    But you traditionalist women are just as hypergamous as any feminist riding the carousel. You just express it differently, that's all.

    Does this shoe pinch? That's a shame. Reality is painful to many of us.

  15. Anonymous said:
    How on earth did feminists morph into puritans.

    Feminists are puritans in the sense that they want purely what they want. And what they want is for female hypergamy to be totally uncontrolled. So from the feminist perspective, Assange wasn't a rapist when he was having sex with Swedish feminist-groupies so long as said feminist-groupies were happy. As soon as one of them felt unhappy about what had occurred, in that instant Assange became a rapist because to feminists rape is anything any woman says it is, any time.

    This enables women to have sex with any man they choose, and to convert it to "rayype" later on. It also enables them to get rid of beta men whom no longer cause that "tingle" by tarring them as "rayypists". It enables women to brush away any unwanted man with the threat of "rape", while leaving themselves wide open (pun intended) to any alpha man that give them a "tingle".

    Traditionalists denounce and deride Game, but the reality that the applied psychology in question works. That which works cannot be false. And that's why both feminists and traditionalists denounce and scream and pout against Game -- because it shows the true nature of women.

    Is there anything funnier than a feminist falling for a cad.

    Yeah, the same feminist having the cad arrested for "rape". It's hilarious! Really, it is. Because the short term pleasure said feminist gains from her revenge will in time turn to bitterness as she realizes no other man will ever touch her for the rest of her life.