Friday, August 11, 2006

Somalis invade Melbourne school

(I don't often report on crime, but I'll make an exception for this story as I doubt that it will be covered in the mainstream media.)

Yesterday, a teacher at Macleod College in the northern suburbs of Melbourne found his classroom invaded by a group of Somalis armed with baseball bats, seeking vengeance on a Year 8 boy for comments allegedly made to a Year 10 boy at the school.

What's truly astonishing about this story is that the Somali gang did not consist of teenage friends of the Year 10 boy, but of parents!

It's disturbing, really, that members of a group of refugees who have been in this part of Melbourne for such a short period of time (just a few years) feel so bold as to stage an armed invasion of a classroom.


  1. Thank steve brack's maniac personal passion to flood victoria with up to a million immigrants,with record somali intakes.
    we are seeing totally different cultures and lifestyles not being assimilated into australian society,but kept seperated in enclaves by this maniac's beloved 'multicultural policy' as well.
    This WILL create increasing problems.

  2. Thanks for reporting this, its unfortunate but these sorts of stories are now such hot potatoes here in Victoria that almost no media outlets will report the occurances, lest that media outlet be 'blacklisted' by the state government (for not towing the party line about Victoria being the best example of multiculturalism).

    Well done.

  3. References please. Anyone can make up sensational stories.

  4. Anonymous, the source of the report is a high-ranking employee at Macleod College.

    It would of course be preferable if a journalist were able to independently confirm the details, but I doubt if this will happen.

    All that I can do is to provide in good faith what was told to me from a very reliable source not far removed from the events.

    Christapundit, thanks. I'm sure that there are many such incidents which don't get reported.

    Anonymous 1, I agree that there are likely to be increasing problems, given overseas experience. I think it's arrogant to believe that we will somehow escape what's happened elsewhere.

  5. Listen guys, I know the school. It is almost 95% white in a 95% white neighbourhood, so if there was a Somali he/she would likely be on their own. If they were getting picked on then I can imagine how their parents might feel the need to intervene in a show of force to 'convince' the other kids not to pick on their child. Clearly from reading the news media we can see how schools have constantly failed to protect children from bullying so is it unfathomable that a parent might feel compelled to direct action? I think all this talk of "baseball bats" is very EXAGGERATED to say the least. If they had bats then there would be police cars and arrests - not to mention prime time television coverage. Either way, I don't think their child will be getting picked on anymore.


  6. Well in court hearsay evidence is not accepted I don't understand how you could claim that you heard from reliable sources. I was attending that school and I never saw such a crime, true there was a fight but suddenly did the somali teenagers look like parents. If they had baseball bats was it used? I agree with the reader who said wouldn't the police have been notified, who said the media dont want to have an input on such incidents, they would surely love to wreck the name of somalis or any other migrants, it surely would have been a hot topic. Stop being racists against the somalis.

  7. I have news for the skeptics. I liase regularly with security at a major shopping centre, as part of my job. They tell me of the many incidents involving somalian youth, and claim that the media wont report it. They say no one wants to know about it. It IS a hot potato issue.