Saturday, August 26, 2006

Appreciating American emails

Well done American emailers!

There is currently an important court case under way here in Victoria which will decide how much freedom of speech we are left with under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

Two Christian pastors are appealing against a decision that they contravened the Act by criticising Islam. The pastors had quoted the Koran as evidence that the Koran taught violence and that there is a practice of 'silent jihad' for spreading Islam.

An article in The Age newspaper has revealed that during the previous hearing of the case before Judge Higgins,

Judge Higgins had to assure the Foreign Affairs Department he was not considering jailing the pastors after a flood of emails from America.

So support from abroad was taken seriously and has perhaps helped to limit the severity with which the Act will be imposed.

So to those American emailers who took the trouble to contact Australian officialdom, once again, thank you!


  1. Sometimes I email America when I get all fired up 'bout something (which is every day)! I bet that has the same effect over there. Not.

  2. I thought the only penalty available was an injunction? They weren't asking for compensation.

    You'd have to read the judgment of the original tribunal case off austlii the statement of claim but I'm 50% sure this is what it is.

  3. Anonymous, it states in the legislation that you can receive a penalty of six months jail.

    Ron, who knows? I respect people for making the effort, and in this case some good was done.