Sunday, March 13, 2005

Incredible denial of gender reality

This one really takes the cake. Lawrence Auster has reported extensively on the following story (see here and here).

A dangerous 6'1'' rapist was brought into an Atlanta courthouse and was found to have homemade knives in his shoes. The judge requested extra protection. Despite this a 5'0'' female deputy sheriff was assigned to guard the rapist while he changed clothes. The rapist overpowered the 52 year old woman, took her gun, returned to the courtroom and shot dead the judge and two others. He is still on the run.

When the District Attorney was asked whether a female deputy sheriff should have been chosen to escort the powerful young criminal, he answered:

Yes. Women are capable of doing anything men are capable of doing.

This is yet another example of how seriously liberals take their first principles. Even after three people have been gunned down, a District Attorney (i.e. a reputable authority) still insists that it's OK for a woman to guard a violent male offender. He still insists on the principle that our sex does not set any limits, or suggest any direction, to what we can do or become.

Liberals have made a gross error in defining freedom the way they do. They think that freedom is a liberty of will in which there are no impediments to individual choice. Liberty is therefore set at odds with our given (our unchosen) nature as men and women.

The upshot is that liberals have to deny basic realities in the name of a false freedom. A District Attorney can no longer recognise how absurd it is to expect a petite middle-aged female to guard a powerful, violent male criminal.

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