Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How to lose fans

My wife has been a big fan of celebrity liberal Susan Sarandon. So she was keen to read the April edition of The Australian Women's Weekly featuring an interview with the American actress.

The interview includes some fairly standard fare, including the the following defence of the actress's political activities,

Susan makes no apologies for her activism. She believes celebrities have no reason to abstain from practising responsible citizenship - if anything, they can use their visibility to create awareness. "Social justice has always been a big part of my life. Often [as a celebrity] I can act as a small flashlight to illuminate information that is not making the news."

Well, my wife almost fell off the couch when she read one of Ms Sarandon's attempts to be a small flashlight. This is Ms Sarandon's considered opinion on the issue of children and sexuality:

I've embraced the fact that my kids were sexual beings from the time they were born. It's one of those things that nobody talks about, but from the time that kids come into the world they're sexual, it doesn't kick in at adolescence. I've always been comfortable with that ...

Say what???? Kids are sexual from the time they're born? Has Ms Sarandon been reading too much Kinsey?

Well, my wife is no longer such a big fan. As for me, I just hope that the Sarandonites of the world are not going to make this idea a trendy lefty one. It really is time for the likes of Susan Sarandon to practise responsible citizenship and to think carefully about the consequences of the ideas they choose to "illuminate".

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