Monday, August 09, 2004

What women want

Selling like hotcakes in Britain is the ...... Boyfriend Arm Pillow. It's supposed to comfort lonely women who want to be hugged to sleep by a man.

Just one more little indication that men and women haven't outgrown each other yet. We do still need each other. Men have an instinct to want to put their arms around a woman at night, and women have the complementary instinct to want to be hugged.

By the way, the newest star of Australian reality TV is a beautiful young woman by the name of Rebecca Olds. She has this to say about her love life:

I can't find a man. They are either already taken, or they are gay. I don't know what the problem is. I don't think I have ever been really romanced before. I don't think I have ever been asked out on a proper date. I just want a man's man. Someone who likes doing stuff, like going fishing ... (Herald Sun 8/8/04)

Note that Miss Olds doesn't want a SNAG or a metrosexual. She wants someone who is overtly masculine, and who might pay her some old-fashioned romantic attention.

The gender-bending kind of feminists might not like to hear such sentiments, but it should be reassuring to traditionalist young men.


  1. Great to finally find my way here. f/k/a PMurgos.

  2. I love fishing and cannot believe this babe is without plenty of suitors. Something is not right here. If she is willing to visit New Orleans, Louisiana, I will be glad to introduce her to catching and eating speckled trout (not to be confused with sea trout, a weasel name used by local restaurateurs to describe the fish du jour) and flounder, two local delicacies. The word delicacy is apt because the taste is not at all fishy. Trout almandine is particularly good. We have more fine fish including drum, Jewfish, freshwater bass, sheep head (Sheep’s Head), grouper, and redfish. I have a highly respectable reputation and job so no need to worry about duct tape and handcuffs. But of course this babe is not telling the truth. f/k/a P. Murgos.