Monday, August 23, 2004

Norwegian men not so redundant

A few months ago Carin Pettersson reported on Norwegian research which "proved" that men were about to become redundant in the workforce.

Supposedly, employers were no longer interested in masculine skills to do with "technology, being efficient, making profits and leadership" and so male workers were about to be "pushed to the side line".

Surprise, surprise! Carin has filed a new report which suggests that Norwegian companies, far from voluntarily dumping "redundant" men, have remained keen to trust to masculine work skills. So much so, that the Norwegian Government is resorting to legal threats to try to make companies fill at least 40% of board positions with women.

It seems that in Norway it is the force of law, and not female superiority, which is likely to see men replaced by women in the workplace.

(Although it's interesting to note that even quotas haven't led to much change in the ratio of male to female earnings in Norway. Maybe even the law isn't enough to negate the male breadwinning instinct.)

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