Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wentworth Miller on race

Wentworth Miller is a British-American actor. He is a bit of everything when it comes to race, to the point that he has described himself as a racial Lone Ranger. He has also described himself as being caught between two communities, black and white. He seems to realise the disadvantage of his position in the following quote:

What he says about race is even more true for ethny - for a group of people connected not only by kinship but also by a shared history, language, culture and religion.

It's one of those aspects of life that liberalism is dissolving - at least for Westerners. It is a loss of one of the rewarding and inspiring experiences of human community and identity.

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  1. The Atlanta Black Star lists Miller as one of "10 Black Celebs Who Successfully Pass For White". He was nominated in 2004 for the Black Reel best actor award. New Yorker Magazine says that Miller played the race card; using his black parentage to secure a part in a movie. Miller says that he regularly and painfully has to chose to keep his mixed race a secret, rather than to confront his white friends who offend him.
    He's 25% "Afro". His "father is black (of half Afro-Jamaican and half African-American ancestry). Wentworth’s mother is caucasian."
    I wonder, if he could magically chose a permanent reflected color, which color would give him that missing sense of security and support?
    If he chose to be , a white man, a black man, or a chameleon, could he ever feel the missed luxury of a sense of security and support? If he moved between racial groups, identifying as either one or the other or as mixed, he would have to have split personalities too.
    Diverse, multicultural, multiracial societies and communities must be like a minefield for Wentworth Miller. Does this prototypical modern modern liberal male homosexual have to walk behind steel-shoed front men wherever he goes? How is he going to navigate safely through such an unimaginably insecure and unsupported diverse and multicultural world?
    I guess he can always use his race and sexual orientation cards. What have we got in our wallets?