Tuesday, December 06, 2016

We're meant to listen to this guy?

Adam Kotsko is a professor at Shimer College in Chicago. He is an open borders type and was distressed by Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. elections. He says this of those who voted for Trump:
...Many of us are so disgusted by their ability to ignore his hatred that it makes it difficult to forgive them for their vote. But, our nation’s future depends on our ability to confront Trump and his bigotry through dialogue with our fellow citizens. We must swallow our pride and begin conversation with them.

...Perhaps the burden I am referring to here falls primarily on people like me. People who can hopefully relate in some way to the Trump voter and begin a dialogue. I think as long as those like me check our privilege to be sure we are acting in service to social justice this could be a positive step.

Adam Kotsko believes that he is the right man for the job of relating to Trump supporters. This is despite the fact that last year he posted this on social media:

So he is happy to tweet that whites should commit mass suicide to atone for their privilege and that a white identity exists solely for negative purposes. And yet he is putting himself in charge of outreach to white voters? White voters are supposed to put their trust and faith in him?

Now, it is true that Professor Kotsko, after some criticism of his tweets, wrote a post explaining that he had been "impatient" in suggesting that whites should commit mass suicide, and that what he really meant is that the ultimate logic of the current model of individual justice leads to the idea of white mass suicide, but that he himself prefers a different model of social justice that doesn't logically require this.

Even so, it is obvious that people like Adam Kotsko don't understand the gulf existing between his view of the world and that of most other people. He thinks that by having a dialogue with ordinary whites, that they will suddenly come around to the idea that they should dedicate their lives to atoning for their "privilege".

I expect that most whites will go the other way. They will increasingly look on Professor Kotsko's ideology as being psychologically unhealthy, requiring as it does a willingness to hate and reject one's own identity and tradition. I'm optimistic that white people will increasingly return to a more positive sense of their own identity and heritage.


  1. Kwame Anthony Appiah, a liberal who wants to turn honour to support liberal values. He points out that you can't just tell people they are bad; you have to provide something that people can do. Well, you can never not be white. Perpetually hating yourself and your culture is not a live option.

  2. Mr. Richardson

    I assume he hasn't been taken off Twitter and I further assume he hasn't been fired or disciplined at his place of work, am I correct?

    But it is very revealing how the entire White Race is guilty for American history. The lack of historical knowledge is truly appalling. In the history of slavery I would have thought the Finns would have been more slaves than slavers. Of course the word slave comes from the word Slav, who are members of the White race.

    In regards to mass suicide, I would say "Mr. Kotsko you first Sir, I promise I'll follow!"

    What one little white lie?

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

    1. Yes, isn't it the political left that rabbits on about "hate speech"? Philosophising about whether whites should commit collective suicide is apparently not categorised as hate speech.

    2. ofc whites cannot be the legitimate victims of hate speech, just like they cannot be victims of racism

    3. Agreed. The lack of historical knowledge is truly appalling. White people get blamed for the entire history of slavery when in reality white people should be given credit as the only people to abolish it and call it a moral evil.