Sunday, September 07, 2014

Choosing Kate

Laura Wood posted a really interesting piece on Kate Millett recently. Kate Millett, if you aren't already aware, was one of the leading lights of second wave feminism. I've written a post on her myself (here) about her later descent into loneliness, unhappiness and poverty.

What's new in the Laura Wood post is (amongst other things), the perspective of Kate Millett's sister, Mallory (see here - it's well worth a read). It seems clear that Kate Millett was suffering greatly from mental illness at the time that she was being lauded as a leader of the feminist movement.

What does it say when our elites choose to promote someone like Kate Millett to leadership in society?


  1. "What does it say when our elites choose to promote someone like Kate Millett to leadership in society?"

    The ruling elite wants weapons not wisdom.

  2. The lunatics have been running the asylum for a while now. The insane promote the insane. This surprises you?

  3. They select mentally unstable people specifically because they are easily manipulated.

  4. Looks like a symptom of culture commiting suicide. I'm very curious what is in human's DNA, or in the DNA of the Western civilization that leads to dominating an ideology of self-destruction via deconstruction of family, imposing alien cultures, redistributing money from working people to alien groups (standing against assimilation via multi-culturalism) and so on?

    1. All of these things come about my taking a universalist morality too far. IOW, let right be done though the heavens may fall. Or, in actuality, society, and civilization may fall. The ones who take this universalist moral position are usually the children of the elite (and hence the next generation of elite) who are most protected from the consequences of their actions.

  5. Hmm, Chateau Heartiste had an interesting blog post today. What I call universalist moralism, he and others call altruistic moralism and like me thinks it has gone pathological: