Friday, November 15, 2013

The demonisation of boys

From Herald Sun columnist Wendy Tuohy:
But there are themes emerging from the latest debate about what is now known as "rape culture" that some parents of boys are finding very disturbing, with good reason. The subtext of some of the discussion is that teen boys are such forces of nature as to be potential sexual predators just waiting to happen.

The sense that inside every sweet-faced teenage boy there is a sex offender waiting to get out is real enough to be discussed among some parents.

I was recently asked the following by a parent of a little girl: "Do you feel it's a bigger responsibility to raise boys now than it is to raise a girl? I only ask because a friend of mine with three sons says when she tells people she has boys they pity her. She feels like boys are becoming second-class citizens.

"She said if she had a girl she would raise her to be strong, empowered and independent. But with boys you have to concentrate on ways to make sure they don't grow up as little rapists."

At which point I nearly spat out my coffee.

It's interesting to track the way that ideas permeate into society. I've been criticising for a long time now feminist theories which claim that men use violence to uphold a privilege over women. According to these theories, violence against women is systemic, it is embedded into the construction of masculinity and it is widespread amongst all classes of men.

You might say that such theories are just the product of a feminist fringe, but look how they spread over time. There are now suburban mums who are so worried about a "rape culture" that they feel pity for those mothers who have boys instead of girls and they are focused on making sure that their sons aren't raised to be rapists.

You can't rely on common sense to shield a society from the harm of such theories: they need to be actively criticised. I have to say that one of the good things the men's movement has done is to push back against the idea of a "rape culture" in which men (supposedly) have to be educated not to rape women.


  1. This has been growing for a long time in the West. The West is pro-girl. Like China is in favour of boys. This is because Western society is so skewed in favour of girls it is warping people's view on the sexes.
    Also on the rape culture thing I've noticed a little line people say that sneaks into everyone thoughts frequently "men will have sex with anything"
    This comes from feminists/misandrists but it has been around so long people really believe it.
    It's realistically wrong. Men will not do this maybe someone with a mental disorder would.
    So being a man has been equated with a disorder. So very feminist.

  2. One ironic consequence of the neutering of males is that those youth then grow up to be men who are unable to defend women against actual sexual predators. In a 'multicultural' society you end up with freely predating men from nasty immigrant cultures, and neutered white men who are helpless to defend the women of their own ethny. But it can also happen in more homoegenous societies.
    I'm reminded of the Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk is split into his 'nice' and 'nasty' sides. The 'nice' Kirk becomes ineffectual against the 'nasty'.
    Better to teach boys to behave honourably; honour is consistent with masculine strength, even reinforces it.

  3. "According to these theories, violence against women is systemic, it is embedded into the construction of masculinity and it is widespread amongst all classes of men."

    Except among Muslims. There's no problem importing large numbers of Muslims. Or Africans. Or non-whites in general.

    Strong non-Anglo ethnic identity also confers at least some protection. One can hardly talk about a Jewish rape culture. With less confidence, one could say that it would be a mistake to talk about an Armenian rape culture.

    Unambiguously white, European-descended boys, though, without the complicating factor of a strong ethnic lobby, are "acceptable targets" and should be mercilessly neutered.

    But wouldn't that be like handicapping them against the opposition being imported en masse?

    And wouldn't that be consistent with all the other "affirmative action" anti-white handicapping that goes on?


  4. Africa for AFricans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone???

    That is White Genocide.

    The ONLY reason some women feel sorry for having boys is because females and girls are being heavily subsidized economically and psychologically at the expense of men.

    This has to stop, it is not sustainable economically or politically. Men only have to step away to let the illusion of 'girl' power fall away to nothing. It will. Won;t be nice.

  5. It just marks the stunning success that feminism has enjoyed in demonising and pathologising men and boys. It paves the way for ever more restrictive laws that criminalise males and maleness. Feminists should be jumping with joy at their success....

  6. The more they hobble men, the more they hate men for being invalids.