Monday, September 30, 2013

The Annandale Spire

If you walk around an Australian city you'll notice the very fine public buildings - town halls, universities, churches - that were built in the later 1800s.

Here's an example: the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church in the Sydney suburb of Annandale. It was commissioned by Mrs Helen Hay Mackie Baillie in memory of her husband and completed in 1889. It has the tallest church spire in New South Wales.

Here's the spire rising in the distance:

A closer view:

A detailed view:


  1. There are lots of churches like that in various places.

  2. Early and pre-Federation Australia built a lot in a short time, including democracies in the states and high-quality buildings to go with a superior culture.

    This stuff isn't difficult or slow work for white people with high homogeneity and a good culture.

    The situation that we have now, where it takes a long time to accomplish shoddy results, is artificial. It's a result of social conflict.

    Compare the speed with which people who had much inferior technology to us did brilliant work like this with the World Trade Center site.

  3. Beautiful church. I hope it is not soon converted into a Buddhist temple for all the Chinese invaders.