Monday, April 08, 2013

Criticising the old right

Alain de Benoist is a prominent figure in the European new right, a movement which is making ground at the moment in the form of the "identitarians".

Some years ago he made a criticism of the old right. It's difficult to agree with any of it, which is not surprising given that Alain de Benoist has defined himself as a “left-wing right-winger,” or "a man who has left-wing ideas and right-wing values".

However, this bit has a ring of truth to it:
For the Right, Man is naturally social. However, it never forged its own consistent theory to explain community or social connectedness. Nor did it seriously explore opposition to the ideal liberal types, the autonomous individual and the “social man.”
I think at least we've covered the second part now, the formulating of an opposition to the ideal liberal types.

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  1. Meanwhile, in Australia, the open-borders right continues to insist with a straight face that importing huge numbers of alien peoples from the developing world into a developed society is an economic and social winner.