Saturday, October 27, 2012

An old man is tired of his country

Hidenori Sakanaka is an old man and a revolutionary. He wants the Japan that is to be no more. His solution to Japan's low fertility rate is to invite 10 million immigrants from around the world to become Japanese and to transform Japan into a utopian multiethnic community. He believes that Japan can do what others have failed to do and make this transition without friction.

The most relevant quote is this:
"A new Japanese civilization will realize a multi-ethnic community, which no nation has ever achieved, and, in due course, it will stand out as one of the main pillars of world civilization."

He is right that no nation has ever achieved it. Even the U.S., which is proud to call itself a "nation of immigrants," has never been free from racial and cultural frictions. He is right, too, to maintain that a Japan that does achieve it will be "new" — so new, in fact, that a reader might reasonably wonder: Will it still be Japan?
Here is where talk of revolution comes in. "In Japan in the age of population decline," Sakanaka writes, "there is a need for a social revolution equal to that of the Meiji Restoration" — the modernizing and Westernizing revolution that began in 1868. "The very fundamentals of our way of life, the ethnic composition of our country and our socio-economic system will have to be reconsidered and a new country constructed."

Sakanaka writes of his plan,
"This is a grandiose project that will transform the Japanese archipelago into a miniature of the world community," he declares, "a utopia to which people from all around the world dream of migrating."

This is sadly misguided. I have lived in Japan. It is its own unique society with its own distinct pulse. Who would want it to be razed to become yet another "miniature of the world community"?

Fortunately, Sakanaka's plan hasn't been embraced by politicians or intellectuals:
"I can't exactly say that the plan I've been advocating over the past three years has generated much enthusiasm." In fact, "Intellectuals and politicians basically ignore me."

I hope that continues to be the case. The worry is that Japan won't sort out the decline in its family culture. As I understand it, marriage is being delayed increasingly as is childbirth. Following almost inevitably from this, numbers of young men aren't seeing much of a reason to commit to adult male responsibilities.

There are all sorts of ways for traditions to be defeated. Long term family decline is one of them and it could prove to be Japan's fatal weakness.


  1. I honestly believe that the world advanced way too fast, and the notion that "kids should be a kid as long as possible" has been taken to the extreme where there are 24+ man-children playing video games and getting drunk while women out there sleep with every drunk frat boy thinking they'll be "empowered".

    Feminism/liberalism, as a Christian, is the work of Satan; what else would explain the lies and distortion of Truth other than the Deceiver. It may sound strange, but hear me out: Liberals want a utopian society, they think casual sex is the right way, they believe homosexuality is ok, they believe humans are inherently good, and it all breaks down to the notion that "do whatever feels good without consequence" which if I'm not mistaken is what Satanism breaks down to.

    I fear the life my children may live, and I feel it's all the work of Satan to destroy what God has created just to spite God.


    Hey mark, here's a social conservative hit piece by slate comparing radical islam to social conservatives ignoring the fact that one actively brings violence to raped women, gays etc.

  3. I really dislike anti-nationalists such as the old man mentioned here, as well as adults acting like overgrown kids.

    But then again author Diana West wrote a book about "the death of the grown-up", which was mentioned by Fjordman, and cited by ABB.

  4. Hidenori Sakanaka is a traitor to his race, his civilization and his neighbors. The Japanese must continue to reject this wicked man and everything he advocates.

    Long term family decline is a grave evil, but it will correct itself in time, as long as Japan is only for the Japanese. A lower population density will mean more room for young families in times to come.

  5. Eh This is the same dribble the few academia, progressive journalists and influential Jews were promoting after WW2. Then by 1950's Australian politicians were spouting the same rubbish. Now the politicians use the multicultural and multiracial divide, to suppress the majority.

    In a declining population this tactic works. When the new conservative groups become dominate in the future, well it's all over for the Liberals left and right, then it will become real interesting.

  6. So multiculturalism really is just the new word for communism.
    It's failed everywhere else yet multiculturalist want to "have another go" really believing they will get right.
    Look at all the misery and suffering these people have created.

  7. The objective with for instance African immigration into Nordic/Scandinavian countries is to poison the well.

    The well of Northern European Genetics.

    It is a deliberate plan to destroy the homeland of white Americans.

    The image of the Scandinavian is an iconic image of America whether we realize it or not and as a liberals have famously said nothing brings them more delight as a black man having sex with a blonde woman.

    Well multiculturalists were not done with American whites they had to go to the source because there would always be whites from Scandinavia untouched.

    This is much the thinking about turning Japan multicultural. It is the heartland of a homogenous people poison the well of Japanese people and there will be no Japanese in the future.
    Once Japan is ruined in this way then the rest of the Japanese worldwide will simply mix themselves out of existence.

  8. Mr. Sakanaka is a delusional fool but so is daybreaker or any of you if you think "family decline" in Japan or anywhere else for that matter has anything to do with population density and not with hypergamy, low testosterone levels (dietary and environmental factors as well as omnipresent stimulus to the male brain in form of porn) and feminism.

    Japan, unless a drastic event happens that destroys the influence of feminism in females and depravity and generalized sloth and absence of purpose and honor amongst the males, will sink, at slower rate perhaps than its western counterparts but sink nonetheless it will. It's a pity, Japanese art and culture is one of the finest in the world.

  9. Oh dear. The discussion has now moved onto the omnipresence of porn, and black men having sex with blonde white women? Big sigh... (I suppose it could be redhead or brunette women too, doesn't really make that much difference)...

    The point remains though that us white Western men today have been turned into virtual eunuchs. Political correctness, positive discrimination, globalization and multiculturalism (amongst other things) have basically castrated us, metaphorically speaking.

    What is interesting is that in those areas of the world where the quality of life is the lowest (most of Africa for example), the men actually get the chance not to be eunuchs like us, and instead get their women to pump out a lot of children. It is culturally permitted.

    Is it really better to live in a first world country and be part of a dying race, a dying nation and a dying civilization and face MASSIVE BARRIERS to reproducing? And even if you do reproduce, your children will be indocrinated with cultural Marxist propaganda... big sigh. There is no escape from this totalitarian hell.

  10. "The point remains though that us white Western men today have been turned into virtual eunuchs."

    I think that point is in doubt. The vices that are supposed to be uniquely present in the White man are in Hidenori Sakanaka too. He is as anti-Japanese as the anti-White Whites are anti-White. The desire to turn on one's own entire race and destroy it can strike Yellow men as well as White ones.

    The difference is, Hidenori Sakanaka is being ignored by Japan's elites; he is a loser. But White anti-Whites have become our elites; they are our establishment.

    Give Hidenori Sakanaka help from a race that looks Japanese and is accepted by the Japanese as Japanese, but that doesn't think of itself as Japanese, and has implacable grievances against the Japanese, and that has every brilliant gift of networking, intellect, financial savvy and above all domination of the media and the schools, and Hidenori Sakanaka and other like him would win.

    We could then contemplate what is wrong with the Japanese genotype, and think about the consequences of potentially suicidal trends in Japanese though going back to the 16th Century.

    Like Hidenori Sakanakas, such potentially suicidal ideas always exist, it's just a matter of whether they succeed. Among us, a new elite has arisen that makes our our most self-destructive impulses vigorously enforced law; among the Japanese no such elite has arisen.

    That is why, though the Japanese suffer a great deal from harmful intellectual currents, they retain their home and a future, and why we Whites are being genocided through chronic mass non-White immigration and forced integration, assimilation and ultimately, inevitably intermarriage. It's not that Western men are (inherently) eunuchs, there is a tremendously heavy weight set on the scale in favor of our equivalents of Hidenori Sakanaka, and from the 20th Century on healthy-minded Whites have been unable to tilt the scale towards our survival against that weight.

    We have no option but to continue to try.

    More self-denigration would not help.

    It would not help the opponents of Hidenori Sakanaka to talk about Japanese men being "eunuchs". That would only reinforce the idea that they should be replaced, say by more virile men from Africa.

  11. Hi anon at 10:32. I wrote the comment about the objective aims of Multiculturalism in regard to "blonde white women" I was not at all intending what you said. Please do not direct the conversation to that area of liberal degrading truely racist smut and porn.

    I like many are well aware of the "fetishists" that infiltrate conservative/traditionalist talk sites and try to direct the conversation to absolute smut.

    Please refrain from doing it.

    To repeat my point its not about porn or "white men fearing sexual inadequacy" (which is just another attack directed at white people so please refrain).

    It is a legitimate and often expressed goal by the liberal left to destroy white people sexually.

    As I said it's not enough to get white people where they are migrants in the anglosphere. There homelands must be filled with 3rd world people until those people are completely gone and unable to reinforce the Diaspora. What I'm saying is it's a strategy. A strategy all in common with people trying to snuff out particular people.

  12. "It is a legitimate and often expressed goal by the liberal left to destroy white people sexually."


    That sounds interesting. Can you provide me with any evidence of this such as statements made by particular individuals or groups?

  13. The sexual destruction of White people and the White social order is a highly salient and pervasive theme of leftist art and cultural productivity. This analysis of the movie Pleasantville explicates the theme.