Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three attacks in Five Points

We are encouraged by our schools and by the media to believe that it is whites who are violent toward blacks. That leads some white people to have a complacent view toward life in a multiculture. How can there be any danger for white people, when it is whites who are the violent ones?

But the reality is different. I'm going to post a video, but I should warn you that it is sickeningly violent. It shows an attack on two white men by a group of 8 to 10 black men in Columbia, South Carolina.

One of the white men is punched and when his friend, Josh Bosworth, goes in to help he is king hit (sucker punched) from behind. The group of black men are clearly excited by what they have done. It is left to a white woman to tend to the unconscious and bloodied Josh Bosworth.

Later on the same night in the same area a group of black men bumped into a white man and when he remonstrated he too was attacked and left with a broken arm.

In yet another incident an 18-year-old white man, Carter Strange, was left in a critical condition after being beaten by a group of 8 young black men. He was jogging through the same area (Five Points) of Columbia.

Here is the video:

My point in posting the video is not to malign all blacks as a group. It's to show the reality of what life is likely to be like when young white men are left as a minority. There is not going to be justice in this situation. It won't matter how courageous you are, or how good a fighter you are, or the rightness of why you are fighting, you will be overwhelmed. The only possible outcome is your humiliation.

The answer is not impotent rage, or revenge fantasies, or hating on blacks or any other group. It is for whites to get real - to no longer think in terms of abstract ideologies in which it is lazily assumed that whites are the invulnerable oppressor group victimising the other.

If we are to be smart we need to give ourselves permission to think about what we need to do as a group to maintain communities in which we remain predominant, so that our sons aren't left in the same hopeless position as Josh Bosworth or Carter Strange.


  1. It must be to malign blacks, because when blacks are in the minority and being beaten and assaulted, you aren't posting those videos (and they exist, certainly).

  2. Anon,

    You have missed the point of the post.

    In our culture, the possibility of black mistreatment by whites is not hidden - it is embedded in every school curriculum. Whether it has to do with apartheid, or the civil rights movement, or slavery - it is returned to over and over.

    So much so that many people think only in terms of "white dominant oppressor" and "black suffering victim".

    And this then blinds people to what might happen when whites are left as a defenceless minority.

    The ideology might tell people that the whites will remain a dominant oppressor group who don't need to worry about anything - but for young white men the situation on the ground will be very different.

    As I wrote, courage won't come into it, nor will fighting skills - there will just be the fact of being defenceless and having to accept whatever humiliations come your way.

  3. Anon, could you please produce some of these videos that you say most certainly exist? Certainly if one subscribes to the leftist point-of-view then one would believe that whites, being the most racist of all peoples, would indeed commit violent crime against non-whites on a regular basis. But the truth is that it just doesn't happen that much, and when it does happen it soon becomes national news (see Trayvon Martin and the Duke lacrosse team, and in both these cases the perpetrators were, as it turned out, not guilty of their accused crimes). The fact of the matter is that the internet is inundated with videos of blacks behaving badly, with fresh examples almost everyday. The fact is that Mr. Richardson could devote his site to nothing but violent Black crime and, at the end of the day, still have material to spare. The video that Mr. Richardson posted is NOT a cherry-picked isolated incident. Videos of blacks behaving badly are often eagerly posted by the blacks perpetrators themselves, but don't take my word for it, go have a gander at the website WorldStarHipHop, where young blacks are all too to eager to post videos of all kinds of depravity.

    Look, no one is saying that whites are saints, or that a white person has never attacked a black person, but your belief that American blacks face the prospect of a gang beating in white majority neighborhoods, in this day and age when most whites desperately go out of their way to prove how suicidally non-racist they are, isn't just incorrect - it's pure fantasy.

  4. There will only be more of this in the future. Whites have a collective death wish & are enthusiastically contracepting & aborting themselves out of existence.

    Nothing has changed since Patrick Buchanan wrote "The Death of the West" 10 years ago, if anything the situation has only worsened. Unfortunately Mr. Richardson, modern whites, generally speaking, don't want your help, or anyone else's. They have chosen to become eloi, & like the eloi they will be devoured by their masters.

    There's really nothing anyone can do for them. They must simply be left to their fate. It may be hoped that the best aspects of what was white civilization will be kept up by the Catholics among the Asiatic peoples, & the castizos & mestizos of the Spanish American countries (before anyone sneers, the only real efforts made to combat child-murder have been in the Spanish-American countries. Godless Britain, America &c. positively revel in the blood & gore)

    It was beautiful while it lasted, but in the end the people proved to be perfidious to their Saviour, just like the Jews who crucified Him nearly 20 centuries ago. They preferred to gratify their pride & lusts unrestrainedly, & thus gave themselves into the hands of their enemies.

    Again, is it really any wonder that the white race is slowly but surely dying out? What else can one expect from people that, generally speaking, perceive children as a hideous disease to be avoided at all costs? All we can do now is to regard with sadness & pity the malice & stupidity of mankind.

  5. Anon (above),

    I just think that is too fatalistic. If we believe that all is lost, then it will certainly be true that all is lost.

    Anyway, my belief is that although it is true that most whites aren't going to set anything in motion, if anyone were to succeed in doing so, there would then be considerable support.

  6. Previous anons point is fatalistic but there is hope in the message.
    Liberal whites will die out that is for sure. They simply do not have the will to continue cultural tradition or ethnic lines.
    Traditionalists have the advantage and will inevitably win and grow as a community because they have the will.
    When you sign on to liberalism it is a given that you will no longer support your identity and people as a white person.
    Traditionalism is the opposite.

    The only thing that we have to fear is if there is an overnight shift in Liberalism from soft totalitarianism to hard totalitarianism and enforcement of their radical views and social order.

    Under the present climate (liberal domination of almost all spheres) this will mean whites will be in for the fights of their lives.

    I think in the end this is what every liberal and their allies are anticipating and want everyone who opposes their tyranny fears.

  7. If we are to be smart we need to give ourselves permission to think about what we need to do as a group to maintain communities in which we remain predominant, so that our sons aren't left in the same hopeless position as Josh Bosworth or Carter Strange.

    Giving ourselves permission to think about what we need to do in order to save ourselves the trouble of being attacked by blacks is the easy bit. Doing something is the problem.

    It may be that forming white vigilante groups to patrol no-go areas is the best answer. Such an initiative would be in defiance of all 'liberal' authority including and especially the police.

  8. Alex,

    You are 100% right, what these blacks are waging is a low intensity territorial war, and they take great pleasure in it. I think of them as more lower barbarians, as they destroy civilisation, not create it. What makes me sick is the status quo use these blacks to disperse white communities, who build else where. Then when the blacks trash the community they move onto another area to do the same, and whites move back and fix it, create a community, and the white flight cycle of liberal multicult economics continues.

    I remember a friend was bashed by blacks in the main drag of one of the large cities here on the north east coast. The next night 40 white men patrolled that street, and almost beat the living out of which ever groups of blacks they could find. No more harassment, assault, or robbery by blacks for at least 6 months, as they had disappeared in fear. Barbaric? Yes, that is what organised higher barbarians do, they protect the civilised and go on to create civilisation.

    If, in future white men find themselves in a minority in their own country, city or suburb, they'll need more then just communities. They'll need higher Barbarian men to protect the community for being dispersed, by the current Liberal laws, that allow such to happen, in lower and middle class areas. It's not so much trouble for the upper class yet, but it will eventually.

    When the upper, middle and lower class whites have a common cause for survival, we are the masters of organised violence.

    Why do you think white gangs are broken up in jails, white motor cycle gangs detested by the media and politicians. The Police force and military picked on by the tenth degree by liberalism, feminism, and multi-culture?

    Once we organise on a more systemic scale it's game over, for the current status quo. Human history travels in cycles, and there are only so many laws and economic tweaks the current civilised universal masters can pass to suppress the natural urges of the masses.

  9. I think this is your most important post. We must give ourselves permission to think about the necessities of collective, long-term survival, or we will not survive.

  10. Anonymous from 3.05pm again. I pray you are proved right Mr. Richardson & that there is reason for hope after all. Alex & Craig make good points. Those whites who actually care about their own survival, & find it to be of greater importance than watching dancing with the stars or ball games must organise.

    Blacks, generally speaking are quite cowardly & usually will not attack unless they outnumber their victims by at least four to one. Nevertheless, as the Battle of Rourke's Drift demonstrates, this doesn't necessarily ensure their success.

    130 or so white men managed to defeat at least 5,000 Zulu savages who were intent upon spearing them all. The superior intelligence & organisational ability of the white men negated the advantage in sheer numbers possessed by the blacks.

    In the event of some sort of catastrophic social collapse, a world war, a massive solar storm similar to the Carrington Event of 1859 which would destroy nearly all electronics, a plague breaking out &c., &c., having the knowledge & will to resist gangs of brigands would be the only thing (besides God's grace) standing between surviving & being put to a cruel & ignominious death.

    It seems that suffering brings out the best qualities in man. He must have something to strive for, an enemy to fight, in order to retain the virtue of courage, which as Aristotle wrote, makes all the other virtues possible.

    When things are too peaceful & too prosperous for too long a time, we get the contemptible soft eloi-like creatures we see round about us, whose only purpose in life is pleasure. By becoming sybarites they have sold their birthright, they have given up on ensuring that their race continues to hold its rightful place in the world in the future.

    The most deadly weapon in the hand of our enemies is not a bomb or a gun, but rather the bread & circuses which mesmerise the masses into a trance of deadly complacency & apathy. They sleep while the serpent comes & injects them with his venom, killing them quietly.

    Let us hope that the things which are quickly coming upon the earth will finally awaken & vivify the best among them, so that they will join with their brethren who have been doing their utmost to combat this well-planned destruction of their race, indeed of all races really, so that it may yet be that those who run things will, with the help of Our Lord be defeated & punished.

  11. "The only possible outcome is your humiliation."

    Another possible outcome is X number of dead or wounded blacks who attack responsible and armed members of society.

    If such a response were conspicuous for any period of time the behavior of street criminals regarding white prey would immediately and radically shift.