Sunday, July 08, 2012

Texas police department accused of discrimination for upholding equal standards

A police department in Texas has been accused of discriminating against women by making them sit the same physical fitness test that male applicants sit. 63% of men pass the test but only 19% of women.

The federal lawsuit says that the disparate results,
constitute a pattern or practice of resistance to the full enjoyment by women of their rights to equal employment opportunities regardless of their sex.

The federal government wants the women who didn't pass the test to be compensated:
It also wants the city to hire some of the women turned away in the past and to offer them retroactive seniority and back pay.

There is no indication though that some of the men who failed the test will be similarly hired and awarded back pay and promotions.

What all this goes to show is that the real driver of liberalism is not equal opportunity but the aim of making our sex not matter. If there are more male police than female police, then sex is still shown to matter, which liberals cannot tolerate.

Which is one reason why the drive to have women in combat roles in the army is so problematic. It seems almost inevitable that standards will be lowered in order to get an equal entrance and promotion rate of women in such roles.

Do police officers need to be physically fit, strong and aggressive? Well, sometimes they do. A reminder of this occurred in France last month. Two female officers intervened in an argument, a man knocked over one of the officers, took her gun and shot her dead  and then chased after the other officer, caught up to her and shot her dead as well. Would the criminal have been less likely to take on two large, physically fit and aggressive male officers? I suspect the answer is yes.

One of the slain policewomen


  1. It seems that one reason for this sort of thing, is that modern people are so thoroughly cut off from the true nature of reality. They get their food from a supermarket, they get their clothes from a shop & they get their ideas from the television & the cinema. Since they, unlike their ancestors, have for the most part never experienced any real hardship or suffering; they've never felt the terrible pain produced by working in a field all day & so on, they're easily led to believe the most fantastic notions, such as that a woman weighing 8 stone can fight just as effectively as a man weighing twice as much & standing half a foot taller. It seems that mankind actually needs suffering to some degree, to help the masses retain some semblance of sanity, & also of morality. Perhaps the coming depression (or depending on where one is, the worsening of the depression) will cause many to finally realize that they're not invincible & immortal after all, & what's more, perhaps they will also realize at long last that the immemorial customs of their forefathers weren't so horrible after all, that the "old white dudes" or whatever vile term they've been taught to call them, were much wiser than ever they could have imagined.

  2. The goal of Leftism is to make the police - like the military - incompetent, worthless, and incapable of enforcing order.

    Those French policewomen - shot by a Muslim by any chance?

  3. What a wast of talent. She could have been used for breeding purposes.

  4. Anon,

    She was a mother of two. Also, as much as I want Western women to have good marriages and to experience motherhood (and to bring the next generation into the world), "breeding" has connotations of livestock reproduction - using such terms won't help us.

  5. It's these policies which will see our Nations wither away faster. Nothing but an economic transfer from men to women. Then the Liberals of all stripes wonder why standard families have declined and peoples bellies have grown. Women in the household were deemed of no value by feminists, how wrong they are.

  6. Over the years I've seen several bits of footage showing U.S. female recruits thrusting fixed bayonets into sandbags, supposedly simulating the climax of an infantry attack.

    What they showed me was that most of them were utterly unable to feel or counterfeit ferocity. Up close they would be hard-pressed to appear determined and dangerous.

    In western countries even peacetime infantry training is brutally severe. I fear that the psychological stress of combat is beyond the capacity of many of these young women, and would be even if they had the strength and robustness of a man of the same weight.

    Marcus Redman,

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  7. "regardless of their sex"

    but whenever a woman writes of how she found herself physically exhausted in the army, we are told that it's not based on sex....

  8. "Up close they would be hard-pressed to appear determined and dangerous."

    They would not just be hard-pressed to appear determined and dangerous -- they would be hard-pressed actually to be determined and dangerous.

    Any country with female infantry isn't serious about war, isn't serious about survival, and isn't fighting any serious enemies.

  9. A large healthy man is a much less likely target of violence... even if he is not armed... even if he is not a police officer. Criminals are stupid, but not that stupid. They tend to choose easier targets. It's just physics.

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