Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Swedish school wants to make conception gender neutral

Sweden has embarked on an effort to abolish sex distinctions. I reported this week on preschools in Sweden which proudly offer princess costumes for the boys to wear. And now comes the news that there are youngsters in Sweden who are getting "gender neutral" sex ed lessons:

"The teaching of sex and relationships has fallen behind. This fall a new curriculum was introduced requiring the topic be included in more subject areas. But Freya School in Gnesta is one step ahead. "Activities in this school are likely to constitute a model for other schools in the country that must operate in accordance with the curriculum that takes effect in autumn 2011 and that "includes clearer descriptions of how sex education should be integrated in the different subjects in school." Both municipal strategists and math and science teachers are engaged in the work:

"The important thing is that students can see how it all fits together, says Maja (math and science teacher) and Karina (Municipal equality strategist). How sexuality is often influenced by others' standards and values. Therefore, teaching is also done in a neutral manner. In the anatomical teaching, they try to be as clear as possible.

"We want to get away from metaphors that sperm are active and eggs passive in the fertilization process, or that men's and women's genitalia are described as complementary. Such descriptions serve only to reinforce traditional gender norms and heteronormativity", they say.

Several things spring to mind. First, at the same time that they are ramming a political ideology down the throats of youngsters, they are telling themselves that they are teaching "in a neutral manner". Swedes have to start calling them out on this. It has to be openly recognised that Sweden has a state ideology into which students are being involuntarily indoctrinated.

Second, regardless of how active the sperm and the egg are in the fertilisation process, it shows how far things have gone in Sweden that this is all a politically sensitive subject. In other words, it shows how radical and far reaching the Swedish authorities intend to be in carrying out their programme of abolishing traditional sex distinctions.

Third, how would you like to live in a place which has a "municipal equality strategist" wanting to mainstream such ideas not just in sex ed classes but throughout the curriculum, even in maths classes? It would be like living in the Soviet Union and having every subject area taught within a Marxist-Leninist perspective.

Anyway, this is how one Swede suggests that the gender equality people would prefer to imagine the process of fertilisation:

The idea that sperm actually swim to the egg is a social construction produced in the mind of the patriarchy. The egg is not only there, but it actually swim into the penis, where it immediately "takes its share" of life by grabbing the nearest confused sperm, abducts it, runs over everything in its path and then returns with the passive sperm to the womb where it locks into it, and then drills into it, causing a fusion, if the sperm does not die during the egg's wild rampage. If so the egg goes back into the penis and takes a more capable passive sperm that can withstand some beating - it's so evolution favored the swift eggs and rugged sperm that do not dare move a muscle.  


  1. heteronormativity

    I'm getting really sick of this word. Heterosexuality IS normal - it's the natural way, Natural Law. 1-3% (depending on where you get your statistics) of the population is homosexual - that makes homosexuality deviant - it deviates from the norm, which is heterosexuality.

  2. Just like white liberals endorse and uplift BRA (Black-Run America, courtesy of SBPDL), straight liberals endorse and uplift GRA (Gay-Run America). I'm becoming ever more convinced that heterosexual liberals need to be dealt with harshly. If it wasn't for white liberals and heterosexual liberals minorities of any stripe would have little to no power.

  3. Of course what I recently stated may apply to any Western country and not just the USA. By logic gays and transgenders make about 1-2% of the population. If they weren't supported by a large, powerful or influential number of heterosexuals (namely liberal heterosexuals) their power, visibility and acceptance would diminish overnight. Same rule applies to dysfunctional racial minorities like Africans or religious minorities like Muslims which are constanly supported by Caucasian liberals. About a large number of managers, leaders and contributors of liberal organizations (of the international stripe) are anywhere between 50 to 95% white from a few statistics I've seen.

  4. And a significant proportion of them are heterosexual liberals as well (actors, bankers, etc). I'm seeing divorcees, adulterers, promiscous heterosexuals, heterosexuals that don't believe in monogamy, BDSM lovers, heterosexuals that approve of single parenthood, sterility (no children thanks to environmentalism and feminism) and others helping the LBGT community.

  5. Good points Elizabeth Smith.

  6. I have gone to school in Soviet Union in the 1980s and we had less indoctrination than that. At least young children's minds were not polluted by indoctrination into sexual perversions and they did not try to convince us that there were no sexual distinction. Sweden must be one sick society.

  7. I've lived in Sweden and I think this shit is fringe. Most Swedes I knew were certainly not into gender neutrality. There is a masculine culture there that women are just not part of. Homophobia is also very common, as is racism. Yes, no one follows the emasculated church, but Atheism seemed pretty uncommon. That's a vacuum that may be filled by Evangelical Christianity, which seemed to be growing there. There is a growing right-wing and a lot of stuff has been privatized recently.

    If you don't like your weird school, you can send your kids elsewhere through the voucher system.

    It's a small country though, so I guess it can seem like weird stuff is common.

  8. That's a vacuum that may be filled by Evangelical Christianity, which seemed to be growing there.

    I don't really like evangelical Christianity since it's amok with heresies and blasphemies ---

    I would prefer that traditional conservatives Catholics or Orthodox was growing there. Nevertheless I do like the whole idea of homeschooling.

  9. ""that makes homosexuality deviant - it deviates from the norm, which is heterosexuality.""

    I have a rather clever Lesbian friend who said something fairly similar recently.

    Not all people who play for the other team are self deluding. I have met quite a few level headed members of that particular squad with some very good insights.

    Strangely all female informants, the gay blokes have a sad tendency to get on my nerves most of the time. Dunno why.

  10. Melissa said,

    "I've lived in Sweden and I think this shit is fringe."

    Should we worry about fringe activities or not? Environmentalism used to be a fairly fringe activity now its squarely in the mainstream. Its probably not feasible to see quite this degree of theoretical left wing gender implementation in Australia, nonetheless I sit through "welcome to country" ceremonies everywhere in Australia now, and even a few years ago that would have been considered fringe, as would the wholesale embracing of gay issues. If you don’t have strong counter arguments or a desire to resist the drift, the left can keep setting and pushing the cultural agenda. Common sense or what most people believe isn’t enough by itself to defend against this. They are bringing women into the infantry now for crying out loud.

  11. I sit through "welcome to country" ceremonies everywhere in Australia now

    Jesse, that's a good example. Who knows where that started, but I'm now subjected to it even at the start of staff meetings.

  12. James: "... Strangely all female informants, the gay blokes have a sad tendency to get on my nerves most of the time. Dunno why."

    Perhaps because they tend to combine the worst of the character traits stereotypically masculine with the worst of the character traits stereotypically feminine, with precious few of the redeeming qualities of either sex?