Friday, December 28, 2007

Tsunami money goes to this?

Last year I was surprised to discover that the "charity" organisation Oxfam is not what most people would assume it to be. Oxfam has adopted feminist patriarchy theory and has set itself the aim of transforming gender relations. Oxfam argues that there is nothing natural about masculinity and femininity and that central to their mission is the aim of "changing masculinities, changing men".

Now a major newspaper has taken up the story. In yesterday's Australian there is a piece about how various charity organisations have spent the $400 million donated by Australians to help the victims of the Asian tsunami.

Oxfam is criticised for spending money on a "travelling Oxfam gender justice show" in rural Indonesia. World Vision likewise funded feminist education and lobbying projects in Indonesia.

The Catholic aid agency Caritas even spent donor money to fund an Islamic learning centre in Aceh in order to promote "the importance of the Koran".

I'll finish with a relevant quote from the newspaper article:

Critics say the aid agencies have exceeded the mandate provided to them by mum-and-dad donors from middle Australia who thought they were giving money to rebuild houses and lives shattered by the tsunami, rather than forcing the ideological views of the Australian left on traditional Asians.


  1. How does a group project such a sterling image while simultaneously pursuing an open agenda of cultural subversion? After reading both this and the earlier entry it seems obvious that Oxfem are driven on this subject primarily by the truly shocking iniquities between men and women in the developing world. There can be no doubt that hundreds of millions of women there lead a tough life from cradle to grave and perform the lion's share of physical labor while the men exploit their own cultural "hegemony".

    So is the problem ultimately cultural or gender-based? Can these aspects even be considered independently?

    Even though Oxfem works mostly in these difficult countries they know their best chances to indoctrinate others is among modern liberals in the West. This process increasingly seeps into all manner of foreign aid.

  2. I am really starting to run out of charities that I can give to.

    Hopefully Guide Dogs hasn't started running programs to enhance gender equality amongst canines.

  3. very interesting article. I know that I will investigate any charity I give money to from now on.

  4. Set 'em loose on the Islamic world and let them destroy their culture the way they destroyed ours. I'd give them buckets of cash for that.

  5. The Catholic aid agency Caritas even spent donor money to fund an Islamic learning centre in Aceh in order to promote "the importance of the Koran

    Bloody hell! Whatever happened to "Go and make disciples of all the nations"??

    I won't be donating money to Caritas in a hurry.

  6. Yes. This reminds me of Save the Children. A few years ago, I saw a commercial about them and Lou Carpenter from Neighbours was endorsing them, so I thought that was cool.

    A few months ago, I donated to through their website. A few weeks after that, they sent me a letter asking for more donations, and the letter was laced with feminist theory.

    I remember it saying that girl children are especially oppressed, and therefore more money was needed so they could get an education. They also said that women with education will have fewer children, and apparently those were the only ways to escape poverty.

    I thought it was called Save the Children [from poverty], not Indoctrinate the Children (and Donours) with Feminist Theory.