Monday, March 12, 2007

Australian Traditionalist Conservative Network

Australian readers:

One of the aims of this website is to build up a network of traditionalist conservatives. Such a network will allow its members to keep in contact with recent events, with the progress of the movement, with social events, and with new books and publications. As the network grows, other activities will also be possible.

The network is not a formally organised group, so there are no fees, sign ups or obligations.

If you wish to join the network the only requirement is to provide some contact details via email. The minimum information you will need to send is your name, email address, town/suburb and state. It's helpful too if you send a phone number, in case the email address fails, but this isn't necessary.

Please send the information to Mark Richardson, at with a request to join the Australian Traditionalist Conservative Network. You should receive a reply confirming that your name has been added to the list within two weeks. If not, please resubmit your details. All contact details will be kept private and not passed on for any purpose.

I'd like to encourage interested readers to join the network. There's a great advantage in being part of a movement which is organised and growing, rather than remaining isolated in your beliefs.

If you want more information on traditionalist conservatism you can visit websites such as:

Oz Conservative, View from the Right and Turnabout.

You can also read articles giving an overview of traditionalist politics such as:

What is conservatism?
In defence of what matters
Conservatism vs liberalism


  1. This is a great idea and one that many of us are feeling is the time for right now.

  2. How may one get in contact with the illustrious Mark Richardson, without having to deposit one's own contact details on a debate thread for all and sundry to see?

    I know some pages have a web based tool which allows messages to be sent to a person without being published to the web itself.

    Perfect for those with an interest in privacy, such as myself.

  3. Anonymous, you can contact me at the swerting(at) email address.