Friday, September 29, 2006

Riots in Brussels

The mainstream media doesn't seem to want to report this; there was nothing about it in the Melbourne papers this morning.

So let me fill the gap: there have been three nights of rioting in the Belgian city of Brussels. 53 Muslim youths were arrested last night, following the arrest of 45 the previous night. Stones have been thrown at cars and pedestrians, windows of cars have been smashed, cars have been set on fire, a youth club has been set ablaze and two molotov cocktails were thrown into one of the city's major hospitals.

The riots have taken place soon after two police officers were ambushed by about 20 immigrant youths in Paris and brutally beaten. The French police union has complained that "these explosions of violence against the police are a kind of guerrilla warfare aimed at getting the forces of law and order to leave certain areas in order to immerse them in a logic of sedition and terror."

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