Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Abortion - what a response!!

Yesterday I discussed research showing that abortion tends to harm women's mental health, being linked especially to a later dependence on alcohol and drugs.

In today's Age came the answer from those defending abortion. But what a response! Christine Read, the medical director of the NSW family planning group FPA Health, said,

We think that this is a credible study, but it is drawing a long bow to say that this study means women who have an abortion will have a depression subsequently...

It may be that making the decision to have an abortion was a traumatic one made without support, or the abortion experience may have been difficult because it was difficult to access (or) difficult to pay for.

Now this is too clever. Christine Read is trying to turn the fact that women are getting depressed after abortions into an argument for increasing the level of support for abortions. She does so by arguing that if women were given more money to have abortions, or more time with organisations like her own, then the depression and drug abuse might not occur.

It's a bold argument, but it reveals how deeply Christine Read and others like her are committed to abortion on ideological grounds. Scientific evidence is to be used for one purpose only, which is to promote the use of abortion amongst women.

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  1. It is all too typical, really—and pathetic. These baby-hacking feminist fools are nothing more than monomaniacal ideologues with hearts of poison & bile. It is always the same argument regardless of the evidence: the tax-payers must contribute more money to scoop the wombs of these evil, irresponsible dingbats; and all gainsayers are just women-hating Nazis. Women who abort are more likely to develop mental illness, cervical cancer, drug or alcohol dependency but these immoral harpies couldn't care less. Theirs is a Higher Calling; the babies must die.

    Right. I feel heaps better now...thanks, Mark.