Thursday, June 30, 2005

A feminist setback?

A Current Affair ran as a feature story tonight another one of those surveys on "What women want".

I found the results heartening. In first place, women wanted love. Second most important thing for women was motherhood. Only 13% of women nominated career and at the very bottom of the list was power.

Decades of feminist propaganda seem to have failed. Most women don't see a careerist competition with men for "power" as the most important thing in their lives.

Predictably the feminist interviewed for her reaction to the survey, Eva Cox, was not happy. She repeatedly denied that the survey could be valid.

(Ms Cox herself looked very mannish, even for a radical feminist. I looked up her biography and it turns out that she is yet another feminist who was abandoned by her father as a child. I have attempted to explain the political origins of feminism here but I have to admit that there is also a strong psychological element - an issue of paternal abandonment - in giving rise to feminism.)

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  1. I can highly recommend the book Getting to 'I Do' by Dr. Patricia Allen and Sandra Harmon. It is pointed toward women, but explains a lot about how mannish women can be "recovered" from the ravages of femininsm, and men from their feminization!