Thursday, June 24, 2004

Optional Mums?

A Current Affair tonight featured the story of a Lebanese Australian man who decided to bypass women in starting his own family. The man couldn't find "the woman of his dreams" and so bought the necessary eggs and the services of a surrogate mother. He is now raising triplets by himself. There is simply no mother to the children.

What is disconcerting is that A Current Affair ran the item as a simple good news story. There was no hint at all in the report that the children might be better off with a mother.

I suppose that for some liberals a man choosing to raise children without a mother is evidence of his freedom to act unimpeded in pursuit of his own happiness. But like so many other liberal freedoms, it only works if you're willing to shut your eyes to the consequences.

There are few things more important to children than the relationship they have with their mother. It radically changes and diminishes a child's life to remove the mother's presence.

The approach of the Lebanese Australian father was wrong. He ought to have shown his concern for and commitment to his children by choosing a loving woman to be their mother. This would have been one of the most important gifts he could ever have made to his children.

The path to fatherhood should continue to be through marriage.

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