Monday, December 03, 2012

Canadian Anglicans, what are you doing?

Think you've heard it all? Earlier this year a group of eight female Anglican priests performed a play in the Christ Church's Cathedral in Hamilton, Canada. A large audience greeted the play with laughter and a standing ovation.

Smiling Canadian priestesses

What's so bad about that? Well, the play was Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues. It's a play in which a young teenage girl finds salvation in lesbian sex with an older woman and in which the men are presented as hellish rapists and abusers of women. If you read the play you can't help but think it's the product of a very sick mind. And yet here we have it being performed by smiling priestesses in an Anglican Cathedral and being cheered on by the audience.

Even though these people are fellow Westerners, I don't see myself as belonging to what they have become. They are hurtling away from me; the split is irrevocable.


  1. You're right, Mark. There's really nothing one can say to such people. A person who would even consider performing VM in a cathedral is a person with whom I probably can't communicate. In Russia they put Pussy Riot in jail for sacrilege. Here in the West, sacrilege is committed by unctuous middle-aged women in vestments.

  2. "Even though these people are fellow Westerners, I don't see myself as belonging to what they have become. They are hurtling away from me; the split is irrevocable."

    I feel the same.

  3. Women make the case against themselves everyday in every way.

  4. In the Orthosphere discussion of "where to move", some recommended the Canadian maritime provinces as a destination for traditionalists. So much for that idea...

  5. PS Look how smug those fat cows are as they defecate all over everything that is good and decent.

  6. This makes me sick, Mark could you find us an island off of your neighbor new zealand that we could live on?

  7. I think Ensler edited out the lesbian rape scene from VM quite a few years ago, but it's certainly in the original text.

    It's just what's to be expected. That is no longer a church. It is an organization designed to reinforce the existing cultural memes and not challenge them in any way.

  8. Not as bad as singing the VM in church, but here's another sign of the Anglican Church's decadence

  9. Mark, apologies for going off topic, but have you read Frank Salter's two most recent pieces in Quadrant?

    The War Against Human Nature III: Race and the Nation in the Media

    The War Against Human Nature III: Race and the Nation in the Universities

    The most honest and incisive examination of the national question and the position of Anglo-Australians I've read in a long time.

  10. Canadian writer Mark Wegierski on modern-day "hyper-liberal" Canada:

    It may indeed be argued that far from offering a real plurality of distinct, worthwhile cultures (such as the colorful folk-cultures of Eastern European ethnic groups), Canada today represents one hyper-liberal culture (having most of its aspects indeed defined by the lowest-common-denominator on Earth of American pop-culture) - with the most multiracial population on Earth!

    It might well be argued that the Canada of today is as far removed from traditional conceptions of European nationalism as has ever been possible in human history. Persons somewhat influenced by or aware of such traditions cannot help but experience high degrees of "cognitive dissonance" and anomie, living in such a society. In those earlier societies, one had been taught to cherish one's national and/or religious heritage as a priceless patrimony, which had to be the touchstone of one's existence, constantly fought and striven for, and never spoken of except in the most reverential terms. Any nation on the crowded European continent that would have adopted internationalism as an outlook would have simply ended up as carrion for its neighbors. While nationalism doubtless had its dark side (from the universally-known phenomenon of Nazi Germany, to the virtually unknown phenomenon of Ukrainian fascism) it could in far greater numbers of times be a focus for the most exalted, high-minded expressions of the human spirit. The cherishing of, high respect, and high regard for one's own national group is what is virtually forbidden today - to almost all European peoples. With every year, the weight of political-correctness/multiculturalism becomes heavier on the backs of European and European-descended societies. As the self-induced guilt of Europeans is continually ratcheted up, they become ashamed of merely existing. What all this will lead to appears to be that these groups will in fact become the new pariahs, while constantly accused of being cruel and harsh oppressors - the latter simply being a rationalization and cover-up for their actual dispossession. In the end, it seems that the only thing that can assuage white liberal guilt is the complete effacement of European civilization. What also has particularly tragic dimensions is that this appears to be an ever-tightening process, from which there can be no conceptual escape possible, for those societies.


    Although it is relatively easy for some to see and point out what would need to be done today, the summoning up of the resources to save whatever remains of traditional Canada appears to be a Sisyphean labor. It appears that Canada will be among the first of the European-descended societies to be transmogrified into something decidely different. The tendency of Canadian history, for at least the last thirty years, has been that, whenever there was even a glimmer of hope that the surge towards the socially-liberal, multicultural, engorged welfare-state "utopia" could be arrested, those hopes were quickly dashed.

    Full article

  11. jezebel's church

    the physiques of her priestesses never change, guess thats how they got the job

    its v convenient to have on file

  12. I'm betting that's the type of "church" that has "become enlightened" that the Bible does not actually "condemn" homosexuality.

  13. Seems relevant:

    On "valuing difference."

  14. The other night, I attended Evensong at the local Anglican theological college. The dean of the college gave a meditation, in which how discussed how the culture has changed very rapidly, how Christianity no longer has the voice in it the culture the way it used to. The Church, he added, has largely forgotten the Christian message, and he applied this to the beginning of Advent by saying that Advent was an appropriate time to remember that message, because without it we cease to be Christian and become something else.

    It would seem that these feminists, wearing the garb of ministers of light as they put on this pornographic production in an Ontario Cathedral, have not just forgotten the message but exchanged it for its exact opposite.

  15. They are corrupting every standard. They are bad as women. They are bad as Whites. They are bad as members of English-speaking civilization. They are very bad Christians. They set a bad example and are collectively a bad influence across the board.

    What do we have in common? They speak English, but I'm sure they're the type that favors mutilating it in politically correct ways. They read from a Bible, which should at least give us a powerful cultural source in common, but again I'm sure they are the type that favors deliberately mistranslating it a little to make it more "inclusive". (And then perhaps a little more. And more...)

    Do we even have genes in common? They are not passing theirs on, nor (unlike the great majority of previous generations of celibates) are they in fact promoting healthy culture that helps others of their own breed (as well as mankind in general) to be reproductively, materially and culturally productive and successful. Nature decrees that every good creature strives in its way for the perpetuation of its own kind; they fail that test.

    They look like us, but they have no loyalty to us: no true kinship, no spiritual fidelity, no cultural loyalty, nothing.

    Behind their smiling faces and pleasant costumes, they are creatures of a corruption they have invited to enter their lives and souls, and they are only that.

  16. Some may say sex has no place in the church. But better The Vagina Monologues openly from the altar than abuse swept under the carpet.

    In the Victorian inquiry into cover ups of sexual abuse it became clear that nearly all the victims - 95% - were male. Other research suggests institutional cover ups will mainly involve male victims.

    The proceeds from the performance benefit the Women’s Centre Hamilton and the Sexual Assault Crisis Line and it was presented by the V-Day Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls. There’s something to believe in.

    Cynical bastards. They are piggy-backing on the furore surrounding institutional abuse to raise money supporting organisations that will refuse to help those institutional victims because of their gender.

  17. Good point, gwallan. I missed that.

  18. I'm not sure why experts on pedophiles have not protested the connection between the Christian religion and pedophilia.
    Pedophiles infiltrated places of authority and positions with children.
    The liberals point the finger at Christianity. It's a lie.
    Why don't they protest though ideologies that do explicitly condone pedophilia? Oh right their ideology is one of them...

  19. @Anonymous...

    I'm not sure who would be an "expert" on paedophiles. I'm involved in the field in a number of ways.

    You are right. Quite a lot of folk have jumped on a bandwagon as an opportunity to bash the churches. The federal royal commission, if allowed to procede properly, will likely show cover ups in all institutions including schools systems.

  20. I can guarantee this will never be a newspaper headline.

    'Homosexual abuse in churches.'

  21. "Even though these people are fellow Westerners, I don't see myself as belonging to what they have become. They are hurtling away from me; the split is irrevocable."

    Perhaps, someday, you may even figure out that you have far more in common with many persons who are not of strict European ancestry that you do with any "liberal" of strictly European ancestry.

    The important thing isn't race or blood, but culture.

  22. Ilion,

    I disagree with your frame. It's not a case of making race either everything or nothing. I'm not going to choose either of those options.

    An ethny is a group of people who share a close identity based on a real, shared existence over time. Race is a marker of that shared existence, but so too is language, culture, history, manners and mores. They all go together to create a distinct people.

  23. Part of me wants to join their group, so I could be the hot one.

  24. Oh well said...

    "In the Orthosphere discussion of "where to move", some recommended the Canadian maritime provinces as a destination for traditionalists. So much for that idea..."

    I was the one who first recommended the Maritimes on that blog. Please keep in mind that the above- mentioned travesty took place about a thousand miles away from Nova Scotia. In any case, I'm not claiming that there aren't also many foolish people in this region of Canada, but the point is that there are far fewer of them and the overall culture is far more laid- back and traditional than in Ontario... and probably more so than in most parts of the US, for that matter.

  25. As I understand it, the current "tradition" in the Maritime Provinces is to "earn your living" at the post office. That is, to collect federal 'welfare payments' of various sorts.

  26. Ilion, please tell me where you live so that I can move to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Thanks.

  27. A couple of commenters have placed this event in eastern "Maritime" Canada, but this was in Hamilton, Ontario, a blue-collar exurb of Toronto. This sort of left-wing subversion of traditional Christianity would not be impossible in the more traditional, less populated east-coast provinces like Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, but the rot is of course much further along in the big cities. There's a Protestant church (United Church of Canada, IIRC) in Toronto with a female vicar who openly states that Christ was NOT the Son of God but, you know, just a nice man who said good things about peace and stuff. Pathetic.

    FTR, I'm an Atheist, but I'm also a conservative, and this sort of thing disgusts me. I don't go to church but if I did I would want to hear uplifting explications of Bible stories, not gay-rights propaganda. Producing that play in a house of worship is pure insanity.

  28. @Anonymous
    Thursday, 20 December 2012 11:38:00 AM AEDT

    Nice? You mean when Jesus was verbally blasting the pharisees for their hypocrisy and whipping the money changers out of the temple?

  29. "Ilion, please tell me where you live so that I can move to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Thanks."

    Iain Johnston, please let me when you learn to think and speak like a man, rather than to "everything is always all about me" emote like a woman. There's a dear.

  30. "Nice? You mean when Jesus was verbally blasting the pharisees for their hypocrisy and whipping the money changers out of the temple?"

    Or "blasting" his own friends for declining (and even refusing) to think logically.

    The sad truth is that Jesus is far too manly for most moderns to tolerate. That's why they're always trying to geld him into being a "nice" man.

  31. I despise Islam, but when I see things like that, I cannot wait for Muslims to replace our disgusting civilization.

    Western civilization was once a thing to be admired. Now, it is only a pile of rubbish. Thank you liberalism.