Thursday, December 06, 2012

Eltham Traditionalists update

Regular readers will know that I live in Eltham, an outer suburb of Melbourne. Almost two years ago I set up the Eltham Traditionalists site to allow those interested in traditionalist ideas to meet up in person. The venture has progressed to the stage that a few of us are having regular catch ups.

I do think it's a worthwhile effort to set up informal, local groups like Eltham Traditionalists. We don't at the moment have an institutional base like the unions or business associations. A network of local groups could be a first step in creating such a base, from which other ventures could then be organised.

We've got to the first stage and now need to add to our numbers. So if you're interested, and live within a car drive of Eltham, I'd encourage you to get in touch (contact details are at the Eltham Traditionalists site).


  1. Unfortunately I'm still unclear, notwithstanding the Eltham website, as to what exactly is planned. Conferences? The production of a magazine? An actual office with staff? A formalized party-political movement on, say, Buchananite grounds?

    Or a kind of endless pity-party by which all concerned can wail (accurately enough, heaven knows) about how feminazis and crackpot multiculturalism are doing us down?

    Matter of fact, while I've been reading Mr. Richardson's writings for a long time and I've learned rather a lot from them, I'm forced to the regrettable realization: I know full well what Mr. Richardson stands against, but, other than the admittedly commendable use of clear English, I've not gotten the faintest comprehension of what Mr. Richardson stands for.

  2. Good idea Mark. Keep it up. And for gods sake pay minimal attention to the whingers.

  3. James, thanks.

    Robert, the emphasis now is on growing. We've distributed many thousands of flyers and put up posters. We've had regular meetings this year. There's one little area of Melbourne where we're doing things on the ground.

    If we manage to grow a bit, then other options will become possible.

    Robert, two points. First, trying to clarify politics for those who have concerns with the direction of Western societies can't be dismissed as a pity party. If we don't clarify, then we remain stuck within the current frame.

    Second, if we're serious about doing something, then we can't be flash in the pan. It's no use trying to do one big thing to fix the situation. We have to be willing to keep pushing things along from one stage to the next. The current stage is trying to get from an online presence to a real world one.

  4. I used your blog on Stephen Fisher's paper about domestic violence to write a letter to my local parliamentarian, Luke Hartsuyker, Member for Cowper. I couldn't have said it better so I just copied slabs of it and sent him an email asking him to ignore arguments that include the definition of domestic violence as man against woman only.