Saturday, December 15, 2012

France too eternal?

The Miss France competition has just taken place. There were 32 contestants, 8 of them from immigrant backgrounds. But this year the contest was won by an ethnic Frenchwoman, Marine Lorphelin:

Miss France, Marine Lorphelin

The decision hasn't pleased everyone. A group calling itself the Representative Council of Black Associations complained that there weren't enough immigrant competitors and that:
Miss France is as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France.

Which I find extraordinary. Imagine migrating to a country and complaining that its very essence - its eternality - is still too present. I say that as someone who has lived in a foreign country (Japan); I wanted to experience the eternal Japan and not kick it to the curb as an offence against my presence there.


  1. You didn't want to displace the Japanese, racially or culturally, because you are not anti-Japanese.

    That benevolence is a typically White attitude. It is not reciprocated by non-Whites. And the anti-Whites - of all races - are genocidal.

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everyone.

    And by "everyone" the anti-Whites mean in the long run, not Whites. And particularly not the Whites that are the essence of particular White nations.

  2. They are colonists intent on racial and cultural replacement, not immigrants.

  3. The future looks bleak not only for France but the rest of all Europe! Immigrants will in due course take over and assert their way of life. Only a matter of time...

  4. I don't agree with Anonymous at Saturday, 15 December 2012 10:50:00 PM AEDT. It's not fate but silence and inactivity that spells doom.

    France, like all other historically White nations is under attack by "anti-racists" who are in fact anti-White, who demand that Whites be "unprejudiced" to the point of racial and cultural suicide, while they push policies of mass immigration, forced assimilation and cultural overthrow that are not only intolerant but genocidal.

    In other words, this is being done by human hands, and more by human voices; it can also be reversed by human hands and human voices.

    The first thing is to call the so-called anti-racists anti-White, because they are. The race-hate shown in calling the Miss France contest "outdated and an insult to the country's ethnic diversity" and saying 'Miss France is as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France.' as a negative(!) and many other hostile remarks is not extraordinary nowadays, but it should be, and these anti-White race-haters should be identified as the villains that they are, if only to stop them masking their hatred as some kind of higher judgment coming from up in the clouds.

    The next thing that has to be done is to assert proudly the identities and the rights of the traditional peoples of all our nations; to say that we have the right and duty to continue to exist, and that policies that are in the long run genocidal for us are immoral.

  5. F' these whiners, up with France.

  6. "is as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France"

    Sounds like my dream girl.

  7. Aussies please listen to this is it a realistic way to save the White race?

    Post the mantra

  8. Did you read Jamie Foxx? He admitted in a Daily Mail interview that just having to look at whites bugs him.

    Whites better not become the minority...

  9. I wish people would just call things as they are.
    For instance this example of Black organised "racism" is absurd and not acceptable.
    Imagine the KKK saying "The miss African winner is as black as night, this is not inclusive of whites... (bla bla)"
    Naturally people would just ignore what the KKK (or insert fringe group) would say. Instead the media runs with what this ironically "Racist" organization is saying.

    I agree with Daybreaker that these organizations should be named and shamed in an intelligent way outlining their hypocrisy and why they are dangerous. Publicly declaring ownership of another peoples country like that is just provocative.
    I would not call them colonisers at all but invaders or hired mercenaries by the establishment. To keep the native population fearful and uncertain of how they stand.

    A photo was shown on Galliawatch with a tshirt worn by a black saying "Africa was yours now France is ours". France did not own all of Africa or even a large part of it.
    It's just black African racism. Being upfront about it would combat it.

  10. What is this CRAN, this Representative Council of France's Black Associations, about, anyway?

    The official site is in French.

    I see L’association de la semaine : Amitié Judéo-Noire, but for all I know that official association is all about guarding the interests of the French, who are of course racially, traditionally, historically and culturally White.

    Here it is on Myspace: LE CRAN IN ENGLISH.

    1. What is the CRAN (the Representative Council of Black Associations)?

    Today the Representative council of Black Associations, founded November 26, 2005, gathers over 120 associations of all sizes. It aims at fighting against discriminations and anti-black racism, as well as to value both the wealth and the diversity of afro-West-Indian cultures.


    When an organization says that it is anti-racist, it means it is anti-White, and this is no exception.

    As for "both the wealth and the diversity of afro-West-Indian cultures" how about the wealth and diversity of French culture, in France? Apparently this is not to be tolerated, as even the existence of Miss France with her too-White flesh is deemed an offense.


    2. Are they only black people at the CRAN? / is the CRAN only for blacks?

    No. The CRAN is open to everyone. Many non-blacks belong to it and think that the overall situation of black populations in our country deserves to be studied, debated and improved. The reason for the CRAN to be a federation of Black Associations stands before all in the desire to improve the status of black people. This very goal gathers people with a common will to do so, and if most of their members are black, it is simply because they are themselves victims of discrimination. It is very similar to feminist associations which usually gather a majority of women.


    Certainly it is open to anti-Whites.

  11. 3. Is the CRAN communitarian?

    No. The CRAN works for equality of chances, for a better representation of diversity within France. But this dynamics implies a questioning of the well-established hierarchy. And those who are bothered by these criticisms are those who take refuge behind abstract universalism which hides (and very poorly) a symbolic male, white, bourgeois, catholic order. As a result, an easy self-defence is used by those who are ill-at-ease with diversity: they denounce and identify those who fight for equality, that is Blacks, Arabs, Jews, homosexuals, communitarians. In reality, the CRAN says Yes to "Universalism" and No to "Uniformalism".


    This is where the identity and the agenda of the CRAN comes out. The jargon and concepts are supplied by intellectuals of the reigning anti-White academic establishment. In this way the CRAN "outs" itself as a stick with which to beat Whites and not an authentic, bottom-up working class movement with natural language and a focus on practical issues.

    The enemy is stereotyped as White, Catholic, male and so on - it is the whole anti-White agenda of hate in miniature. Universality is despised as a shield used by targets trying to defend themselves from continual attack - an attack the CRAN totally identifies with. "Equality" is identified with Blacks, Arabs, Jews, homosexuals, etc. - in other words, the whole of the anti-White (and anti-Western traditionalist) coalition. It is a sword to be used against Whites; it has nothing in it for White men.

  12. Black African culture is obsessively race centric. Centered on a hate for white people.
    I can't recall a black person that was not racist in the truest definition of the word towards whites even the most pleasant blacks I have conversed with.
    There was a Black police association which listed its membership open to everyone including asians (far east I believe) because it was simply a coalition of all races against whites.

    Of course there are groups that easily use Blacks obsession with whites for political purposes but blacks are guilty of jumping aboard the bandwagon of the Liberal attack on western society.

    Just because they are being used does not mean they are innocent. I'd say blacks love being racist towards whites it gives their lives meaning and is an excuse for their failures.

  13. "Miss France is as white as the end of year snow"

    Her skin is the colour of a brown paper bag from what I suppose is too much tanning lotion, which has become popular these past few years.

    Jersey Shore' Star JWOWW Sued Over Tanning Lotion (Exclusive)

    What a strange looking dress. Pleats radiating from a point and then stopping, as opposed to the normal straight up and down. And its too short.

  14. Reminds me of my time teaching in the UK when Obama became president. It was a primary school class with about 60% black children mostly first generation Nigerian migrants. When Obama became president they were elated but complained bitterly that there would never be a black 'president' in the UK.
    I felt like saying there have been poor and disenfranchised whites in this country for thosands of years and you lot get off the boat and expect to be 'president'. Of course, I wanted to keep my job so I didn't...

  15. France did not own all of Africa or even a large part of it.

    Africa was better off when France and Britain did run it.

  16. Mark,

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