Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some interesting income data

Dalrock has some interesting data at his site which looks at the earnings of unmarried people in the U.S. by age group. One of the conclusions Dalrock draws is something I also noticed:
I am astounded at the number of unmarried men and women who earn either nothing or extremely small amounts.

The following graph shows the earnings of unmarried men and women aged 30 to 34, an age at which you would expect most people to be finished with study. There are more women than men earning a low income, but even the figure for men is striking. There are 17% of men earning no income; 34% earning less than $15,000 and 68% earning less than $40,000.



  1. and 68% earning less than $40,000.

    Interesting figure. I didn't know that. Also according to another post on the Internet about 90% of all men in the USA are eliminated from the dating pool for SWPL big city professional women.

  2. Well, why bother getting married when you can have sex without commitment or that pesky spouse asking you about your day? Why bother working when daddy government can take care of you afterall "you don't need no man"?

    Men used to have to work hard to provide for their family in return for offspring, and sex, now that selfish "MEEEE" society has been raised up it's only sex that is wanted, plus offspring is seen as the equivalent of a parasite.

    Women used to hold out on sex until the man committed himself in marriage, because sluts are harder to trust especially if they get pregnant, this gave the man an incentive to work hard as possible; now that women get money from daddy government they don't need to marry for basic needs.

    War on marriage has been waged by liberal marxists so that the family bond be broken, the opposite sex connections broken, and to turn everyone into selfish memememememe people, this would then allow the marxists to steal from the rich to give to the poor, making everyone poor, while they live in luxury as the elite ruling class ruling over the poor stupid people that need help wiping themselves.

  3. Don't forget this the US which has the worlds highest incarceration rates and disabled ex military personnel.

  4. From these figures you get 49% of Men earning less than $25,000 PA. Are the figures net income? I mean that is sub $480 PW before you even pay tax and at least some tax is payable on that.

    Unless living costs in the USA are much cheaper than here I can only assume a lot of these men must live at home still (Even in their 30's) or they are in public housing. You could barely rent and feed yourself in Sydney on that income and you wouldn't be a whole lot better off elsewhere in Australia especially if you needed a car.

    Are near as dammit, 1/2 the men who are aged 30 - 34 earning sub 25K? That is a very low wage, I know you put forward some excellent arguments for men supporting women and mothers staying at home, but who could marry on that unless you both worked?

  5. Thanks for the linkage!

    Don't forget this the US which has the worlds highest incarceration rates and disabled ex military personnel.

    This data only covers those living in "housing units". Homeless vets and men in prison would be in addition to the figures presented.

    Are the figures net income?

    No. They are only earnings. I have a link to a Census blog post on the OP explaining how they define the term. I'm guessing that the bulk of the people with no earnings have other sources of income, such as Social Security Disability, child support, etc.

  6. Meerkat,

    Someone making 25k very easy, you just have to sacrifice a lot of stuff, next year I'm actually going to be moving out of my parents house(just graduated) and i expect to lve on 18-20k a year before I get married in 2014.

    Here in the south, great place to live if you ever wanna move to America (ignore florida) we have low taxes, low cost of living, traditional family, community etc. when I moved out in 2010(to prove I could do it with some friends bad idea lost a dear friend in the process to his sexual first :( our 3 bedroom 2 bath 1200 sq ft apartment was 750 a month 30 dollar electric bill, 60 dollars for basic cable and broadband internet, a long with food maybe 200-300 a month.

    Liberals love to save that the south receives a lot of welfare, what they don't understand is that we havr a lower cost of living and the poverty level is set at a random number nation wide so basically the joke is on them, also we have tons of farming subsidies.

  7. Just for your and your readers' information:

    I am a solicitor with three years experience working in Sydney CBD, and I am on just under $50k p/a. That includes superannuation too. I work full time and all of my income goes into paying my parents' mortgage. All of it. I live with them because, as you can see, I can't afford to move out. At all.

    For what it's worth, I am male. I am surrounded by female lawyers who, judging from their lifestyles, seem to be on a higher salary than me. This does not stop them complaining. Some of them have more experience than me, some don't. They are, to put it mildly, what I describe as "entitlement bitches". If you're male and work in an office environment, this term needs no explanation.

    I don't have much time to socialise outside of my professional environment. I do not plan to marry - that wasn't entirely a "choice" either. I have come to terms with this already.

    I can't explain how infuriating it is to keep hearing nonsense about how lawyers are "rich", or how my generation has it easy; it sickens me to my stomach listening to females harp and whine about their "disempowerment"; when I hear about how men should "man up" and marry and have kids etc, I have something approaching homicidal thoughts.

    I now understand those who use to tell me that there was a difference between being conservative and being right wing. I thought the two were synonymous terms used interchangeably, or at least overlapped somewhat.

    Now I realise that social and religious conservatives have nothing to say to me. I am, clearly, no longer conservative. Though I am reactionary and have gown to hate liberalism (in the past I merely disagreed with it), now I must be this "non conservative right winger" type who has little concern for a society that treats him like a punching bag or a punch line.

  8. The median income in the USA is about $44,000 per year. I don't know why you would expect to find young people earning much more than that.

    @anonymous 4:15pm,

    If you're not going to marry and you live at home, you oughta get a less stressful job. Why punish yourself for no reason?

  9. Liberals love to save that the south receives a lot of welfare, what they don't understand is that we havr a lower cost of living and the poverty level is set at a random number nation wide so basically the joke is on them, also we have tons of farming subsidies

    The South has relative poverty in rural areas and absolute poverty in urban areas. Plus the South has a lot of Blacks and Hispanics. Liberal states are full of liberal whites. SWPL white urban liberals love to hard on those backward rural whites, but the problem is with the minorities in the USA. At least the biggest problems it seems.

  10. Responding to Heh: graduate solicitors in Sydney earn between 55 to 65k. A solicitor with three years experience can get between 75 to 85k. I am, of course, referring to Australian dollars and the Australian economy. I am amazed that you guys in the US earn so little. I can pay my mortgage and not much else on what I earn. How you survive on anything less is a complete mystery to me. Perhaps the cost of living in America is significantly (very significantly) lower than it is on the Australian East-coast. I can only speculate as I have never been to the 'States.

  11. Anon, that is the median income for ALL Americans all over the country. It is certainly not the median income for lawyers. The median income for lawyers is $113K. Lawyers in big firms in big cities (equivalent to Sydney) start at $160K or more.

    The median income for everyone where I live (a suburb of Washington DC) is over $100K. But then the cost of living is high here, too. So it all depends on who you are and where you live.

  12. Interesting.

    Can you do more posts like these please?

    If you could include graphs and bar charts that would be even better

  13. That's about right. Mechanical Engineers with Masters degrees make about 55K straight out of school.

    Electrical Engineers with experience and top PHDs are in the 80K range as my friend just had an interview.

    The top of the heap for EE, the top of the top, smartest of the smartest make 120K a year max with no possibility of advancement from that range. That's your top for life.

    These figures are for California which is uber expensive.

    I've known some unqualified Computer Science types make 90K but there is a nasty catch as in Indians with U.S. Citizenship whose job it is to make sure whites don't get jobs.

    I know a white guy who makes 110K as a computer scientist...but there's a catch with his job too.

    I have a lawyer friend who makes probably 160K but he's away from his family for weeks on end, is a total slime ball, and I'd be shocked if he wasn't regularly visiting prostitutes.

  14. To be honest...the amount of work that you do versus the income you get is so out of whack right now.

    A PHD in EE should start out at 120K a year...not 80K a year.

    A mechanical engineer with a PHD should be starting out at 70-80K a year, not at 53K as my friend was.

    It's like getting ripped off, but every day of your life.

    There needs to be higher wages so people have incentive to strive for better things.

    And even if you do have a good job...why strive for anything higher...all your intellectual property belongs to the Company and not yourself.

    There's no point anymore

  15. Mark,

    The pope seems to understand autonomy in regards to gender "identity" here's a quote:

    "People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves."

  16. In Commonwealth countries consumer goods are relatively cheap but the cost of housing is way out of line with incomes.

    The cost of the average house in most Commonwealth countries is now more than eight times the average wage. Thirty years ago is was less than four times the average wage.

    One big problem is that there aren't enough jobs in smaller towns and cities, despite the fact that technology was supposed to allow more office workers and small business people to work from home.

    The UK is particularly bad because so much of the economy is situated in the South East. Moving the capital would help, but I'm sure vested interests in the City would oppose this.

    In Australia and New Zealand house prices are soaring thanks to immigration, SWPL planning restrictions and the tendency of governments to house welfare recipients in private housing, rather than supplement the housing stock with cheap, factory made state houses.

    But who cares about trivial things like affordable housing, when we all have a smart phone and Asian takeaways on every corner.

  17. Second last anon,

    Yes, and this isn't the first time the Pope has made clear the opposition of the Church to liberal autonomy theory. It's encouraging that one institution is still holding out from a complete collapse into liberalism.

    Last anon,

    You're spot on about the cost of housing in Australia. It was once affordable but has shot up in recent decades to be a real social issue.

    So even though some consumer items have become noticeably cheaper, it's all nullified by the mortgage payments most people are making.