Friday, January 15, 2016

Welcome to asylum seekers party in Germany goes terrribly wrong

On November 7th, a welcome to refugees party was organised by Cologne city authorities in the town of Bonn. It did not go well:
The appalling incident, on November 7, 2015, only became known of at all because one of the victims bravely decided to go to the police in the aftermath of the Cologne sex attacks.

She told the city's Express newspaper how she and her friend were surrounded by migrants at the party, which was held on a boat, and were repeatedly groped despite asking the men to stop.

She said: "I guess there were about 100 to 150 asylum seeker men there. I'd only been there a few minutes, and I got the first hand on my breast."

Soon the fondling increased even further until there were "up to four men were pressing themselves on me and my friend at the same time", according to the victim.

She said one migrant then grabbed her and kissed her, at which point she managed to break free and run off with another friend.

Once again, the interests of the asylum seekers were placed above those of the German women:
But the council official responsible for integration matters, Coletta Manemann, who helped organise the 'Refugees Welcome' event, did not report the incidents and has now been accused of a cover-up attempt.

Admitting that she knew about the incident "shortly before Christmas" after talking to students who had been assigned to helping the refugees, she said: "I can't remember any more if I told them that they needed to go to the police or not."

Amazingly she said she later concluded that "the student organisers had learned from the situation" and felt there was no need to make a fuss.


  1. I enjoyed this quote from Bret Stephens over at the Oz, in the article "Slam the door on men and Muslim misogyny after Cologne assaults."

    The quote is:

    "Let’s open our doors wide to women, young children and the elderly. And let’s close it shut to the men. They have a mess to clean up in their own countries."

    It paints a very clear dereliction of duty of these young men to their home countries. Stand up and fight!

    After some figures and stats, he also notes: "Put bluntly, there is a pronounced tendency among Middle Eastern men to view women either as chattel or as whores. This is not a pleasant reality to acknowledge, but it’s an even more dangerous thing to ignore. So why is it ignored?"

    The full article is behind The Australian paywall.

  2. How very convenient for this Manemann woman to only remember what fits her agenda. I think there is no stopping these lunatics. They have the power and will enforce their insane policies. Those who construct the "philosophy" of liberalism are very definite in asserting that their principles must be put into practice regardless of the consequences. So be it, but hopefully indigenous Europeans go down with some kind of a fight. If we don't, we have nothing to complain about.

    1. Those who construct the "philosophy" of liberalism are very definite in asserting that their principles must be put into practice regardless of the consequences.

      Unfortunately, yes. As for a fight back, I'm not sure. In Germany, the one party serious about limiting immigration, Alternative for Germany, is gradually increasing its share of the vote, despite some setbacks of party infighting. It is now at 11.5%, up from 4.5% last year. It's a new party, and if it could even get up to 15% it might begin to worry the establishment parties.

      One of the problems we have is that liberalism has been around for so long now that it has affected the general culture in which people are raised. In other words, liberal values are no longer just held consciously by the political elite, but unselfconsciously by a fair proportion of the population - hence their deadened response to what is happening.

      We just have to claw back territory both amongst the political class and the general population. It's difficult because we don't have existing institutional support, but it has to be done nonetheless.