Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dragged kicking and screaming

Still observing the reaction of feminists to events in Cologne. Laurie Penny, a radical English feminist, to her credit did at least try to formulate a response. She wrote a column in the New Statesman which even made a small concession. After nine paragraphs of attacks on the right, she did finally admit that there do exist non-white men who attack women (I can imagine her having written that with clenched teeth). As if to try to restore her soul, she then went back in the next paragraph to blaming a "white supremacist patriarchy" for attacks on women.

So reality did force a small shift in perspective for Laurie Penny. But the next day she was still making comments like this one:
Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed . @voxday et al: 'we have to stop those Muslims harassing Western women! That's OUR job!'

Such a strange outlook. She really has absorbed the idea that men in general, and white men in particular, are organised around the task of oppressing women. It must be terrible to live by this creed. What would you think of your own brothers or your father or your son? You couldn't experience the joy we are supposed to have in the experience of the opposite sex, as you would always be thinking of men as your enemy or oppressor.

Laurie Penny is also missing out on the solidarity that is meant to exist between the men and women of a community. In a healthy society, men will think positively in terms of "our" women, and women will do the same in terms of men. There will be small daily courtesies enacted between the sexes to express this positive regard. Men will naturally be protective of the women of their own community.

We have become scattered as individuals - drawn apart - by the kinds of views held by Laurie Penny.

If you look at Laurie Penny's twitter conversation, there are some good responses:
Milo Yiannopoulos ‏@voxday · Jan 11 .@PennyRed They are our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and friends. Who else is going to protect them? Obviously not the police.

Punished Nuttall ‏@PunishedNut · Jan 11 .@PennyRed @voxday Feminists look the other way when it's inconveniently immigrants/muslims raping women, but will happily attack white men

Common Man ‏@hydar · Jan 11 So many "feminists" blame anyone but rapists for rape. @PennyRed @voxday

scagbert ‏@hugowhite1 · Jan 11 @PennyRed @voxday Laurie Penny finds oppression where there isn't any, and ignores or makes excuses for blatant acts of oppression


  1. 'White Supremacy': just means White people control their lives, their society, their identity and their future as Whites.

    Ending 'White Supremacy': just means this woman (and the state) controls your life, your future and everything..... and forever.

    Her hypocrisy and bigotry is beneath contempt.

    1. Yes, that's well put, though the term itself fits into the ideology these people hold. The theory is that race itself is a social construct with no real inherent meaning. Whites are supposed to have created the concept of race in colonial times in order to systematise their privilege over the non-white other. Therefore, anyone who wants, as you and I do, for whites to have a future is really, in this leftist ideological view, wanting an unearned privilege over others, i.e. supremacy (as that is the only reason, supposedly, that the concept of whiteness exists). As for other races, in theory these too are mere constructs, however they are seen to be organised around an identity of resistance and liberation and therefore have a progressive element. Furthermore, since these other racial identities are not what are thought to be creating inequality, they are seen as harmless and "colourful" and are therefore usually given a pass in the way that white identities are not.

      Why is race held to be a social construct? In part, because if the aim of life is to self-define or self-author, then you won't want to be defined by something you don't get to choose for yourself, such as your race.

      I expect as well it has to do with a theory of knowledge held by liberal moderns, which biases what is held to be real or not.

      But, yes, the issue of power is there as well. Defeat white males and you get a more compliant populace organised around state "expertise" and international markets.