Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's make no mistake...

I took a look at two leading feminist websites, Jezebel and Feministe, to see if they thought events in Cologne were worth a mention. Jezebel has finally posted a very brief link to a BBC report (on January 10th, so about 5 days after everyone else); nothing yet from Feministe. But I got a laugh out of Feministe, from this post about Donald Trump:
I thought I hated that @#! twenty years ago when he was just an egomaniacal racist magnate. Little did I know he was also a fascist waiting for the right moment to bloom. And let’s make no mistake. I don’t throw the word “fascist” around lightly.

I think this writer studied the following text a little too closely:


  1. I love that book cover! It sums up our world so well.

  2. Ha! I think most all the feminists have read that book.