Friday, January 08, 2016

Feminists and Cologne

So more than 1000 North African men sexually attacked and terrified 100 German women on New Year's Eve in the German city of Cologne:
One of the victims, identified only as Katja L, told the Kölner Express:
“When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group we met, which was made up only of foreign men…We walked through the group of men, there was a tunnel through them, we walked through…I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and hit them, they men didn’t stop. I was horrified and I think I was touched around 100 times over the 200 metres.”

One investigator told the Kölner Express: “The female victims were so badly pushed about, they had heavy bruises on their breasts and behinds.”

White feminists love to attack white men for just about anything. But what happens when there is a clear case of white women being attacked by non-white men? Who will the feminists then choose to support? Will they still support white women? Or will they prefer to support the immigrant men?

I had a look at the Twitter feed of Clementine Ford, one of the more outspoken feminists here in Australia. Her way of coping with the dilemma is to find ways to continue to attack white men. For instance, she wrote:
Clementine Ford@clementine_ford Jan 6
F#*ing morons arguing that ending migration will "protect" women from rape. Translation: only we are allowed to rape our women.

And this:
Clementine Ford@clementine_ford Jan 6
Incidentally, it would be interesting to see how many women were also assaulted in Australian cities on NYE.

She just can't let go of the "white men are evil and to be attacked" mindset, even when it's a case of immigrant men assaulting native European women.

Lara Prendergast has also written an interesting column about the silence of feminists on the Cologne attacks (see here).


  1. I think these European issues will be the mainstream death of this vein of leftism once the collective cognitive dissonance becomes too strong. It will be all but discredited like after the fall of the Berlin wall.

  2. Ms. Ford is an interesting case - a feminist who clearly has no problems with rape per se, but a problem with white men, as revealed by her tu quoque arguments.

  3. She is mentally unstable.
    Any Psychiatrist worth his salt could have her committed.

  4. Feminists are finished. First, the gender-benders trumped them. Now they reveal themselves as really just interested in a bit of swarthy rough. Western men simply need to rediscover their inner caveman.

    1. They do seem unconcerned by what happened. They've surely lost credibility on the issue now.

  5. I am sure Ms Ford would think of it as "having to break some eggs to make an omelette"....And after all, why would she denounce the behaviours of one of the vectors dismantling 'white male privilege'. There again , it could be that, if she doesn't 'troll' the conservatives , she just won't get invited on the drum anymore.