Friday, January 27, 2017

Slogans from the march

I couldn't help but notice some of the placards from the women's march against Donald Trump. For instance, some women chose to go with this:

The future is female? That's an interesting slogan given that the left claims to support equality. Are things equal if the future is female?

And don't feminists claim that sex distinctions are just social constructs that will be made not to matter? If so, how can the future be female? Won't the concept of "male" and "female" no longer matter by then? In fact, won't leftist women have abolished the "gender binary" - I thought that, according to leftists, we would all be choosing our own sex by then?

And what about feminist claims that they are not hostile to men? A lot of women shy away from feminism because they perceive it to be antagonistic to men. Feminists will then defensively deny such hostility. But what are we to conclude when feminists carry banners proclaiming that "the future is female"? They are telling their own sons that the future is not for them. Why would the mothers of sons sign on to this?

The second banner I noticed was this one:

So the left has reached the point of carrying round banners saying that "White lives matter too much". It is derived from the "Black lives matter" movement, which itself is based on the claim that American whites, because of racism, don't think that black lives matter and therefore are too ready to shoot black people. I saw a graph which points out the flaws of this theory very clearly:

You can see that white on black crime is easily the smallest subset of the crime statistics - it is mostly black Americans who are killing other black Americans.

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