Monday, January 23, 2017

Canadian feminists help man who hits woman - because he is left-wing

You have to shake your head at this kind of thing. Across the West we have had feminist campaigns calling for an end to violence against women. Such violence, we are told, is a product of masculinity itself so that men must give up on traditional masculine norms.

But during one of the women's marches in Canada against Trump all this was put to the test. And both feminist men and women failed miserably.

A female journalist from the libertarian Rebel Media was trying to conduct an interview at the event when she was suddenly struck by one of the decidedly unmasculine male feminists there. So the first fail: becoming unmasculine did not stop this feminist man from hitting a woman.

Worse, the feminist women ushered the male perpetrator to safety and then hindered the female victim from pursuing him. Where was all the feminist indignation about male violence against women? Does it not count if the woman is not a leftist? How seriously are we meant to take them if this is the best that they can do?

Here is the video:

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  1. That's not any surprise to me; I saw through the 'fematrix' and had my epiphany when the feminists defended Democrat President Bill Clinton when he was:
    1) accused of groping/fondling and rape by multiple women all the way back to when he was governor of Arkansas;
    2) accused of having his affair with Monica Lewinsky (and he brazenly lied about it under oath).

    It was then that I realized for certain that feminism was NOT at all concerned with "equality", but was just another shill group of "Useful Idiots" for the Leftists/Socialists/Marxists of the Democratic Party.
    If ANY female tries to defend feminism by quoting the dictionary definition of feminism as being about "equality", just bring up these facts -- and watch their heads spin as they try to defend the indefensible.