Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well, I remember

Found this on the net:

Not that things were perfect when I was growing up, but there was still a sense in the culture that Australian men had shown strength and courage as settlers, as soldiers and in sports. It was a positive identity.

And there was still a sense of an "us" when it came to men and women. We seem to be sliding ever further along the line of women seeing men, their own men, as being the opposition, the ones they have to dethrone.

One positive development is that numbers of young Western men are going back to trying to develop their strengths "parallel" to their relationships with women, i.e. they are doing it regardless of what their relationship with women happens to be.


  1. Simple, beautiful, true and sad. I'm trying hard to raise my boy "to believe in honor, strength, and courage", but it goes so much against the grain of society...

    1. Yes, it's especially difficult in the age of social media when outside influences are so often present.

    2. It is not often pointed out that unlike mothers, fathers need the support of society to do their job within the family. Outside influences can destroy the father's authority, but don't have much effect on motherly love.

    3. Good point. The paternal role is particularly supported or undermined by the wider influence of the culture.

  2. I don't remember it never having experienced it, yet I seek it almost instinctively. Nice cartoon.