Thursday, June 02, 2016

British Labour shadow minister: "We know the problem are older white men"

The Labour Parties once claimed to represent the working classes. No more. Here is one clear example of the "new labour" mentality. Pat Glass is a shadow minister for Europe for the British Labour Party. She spoke recently at a rally in support of the UK remaining in the EU. This is what she advised the crowd to do:
"Go and speak to your mother, your grandmother. Don't speak to your grandfather, we know the problem are older white men."

Well, take a bow older white British men. You are the patriots and the last to bend to the big, moneyed, globalist interests. The Labour Party doesn't want you, it believes you are part of the problem to be swept away. I hope you don't go down without a fight.

Pat Glass


  1. I wonder what his name was... the boy who broke this woman's heart all those years ago...

  2. The supposedly leftist parties have despised the working classes for decades. What is new and disturbing is that they no longer feel they have to disguise their contempt for the people they claim to represent. That's a bit frightening.

    1. OTOH, it's good to see it out in the open, where they can be called out on it.