Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Interesting Herald Sun readers' survey

The Herald Sun is the largest circulation newspaper here in Victoria. It has carried out a readers' survey for the upcoming federal election, with some interesting results. For instance:

94% believe boats carrying asylum seekers should be turned back.
92% are against taxes being increased to further subsidise childcare costs
86% are against the introduction of a carbon tax
86% are against transgender awareness being taught in primary schools
74% are against Australia becoming a republic
64% are against legalising same sex marriage

It shows, at least, that more people than you might imagine are able to think outside of the elite consensus.

The same sex marriage one is interesting as this will become a big issue after the election. 71% of coalition voters are against it, despite the PM favouring it.

It should be noted that Herald Sun readers are not a representative sample of the population at large, but even so the numbers are interesting.

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