Sunday, November 20, 2016

Whiteness is like...

Liberal Christians are increasingly becoming the worst, most extreme liberals. A case in point: the South African, Martin Young. He has written a newspaper column with the heading "Whiteness is like herpes". It opens like this:
You know now that you have it but prefer not to talk about it. Every now and then it surfaces like a rash, provoking discomfort, not in you, but in others. You have lived with it for so long that for most of your life you didn’t even notice it. In fact, you were surprised when someone, unable themselves by virtue of colour to have it, discovered that you did, and pointed it out. The diagnosis hurt. It was uncomfortable knowing that others saw in you something that was damaging to them, but not directly to you.

And now there are calls to have those with whiteness pay for the damage it has done to others. This makes you uncomfortable, knowing that, like herpes, you cannot eradicate whiteness from your own being. It is just there.

This is as spiritually sick as a person gets. A healthy positive identity is replaced with a self-hating, self-abnegating one. Martin Young really needs to choose a more fitting kind of hairshirt for himself.

While we're on the topic of South Africa, it's worth mentioning that Julius Malema, leader of a party with 25 seats, has called on his followers to occupy white-owned land:
South African opposition firebrand Julius Malema is telling his followers to seize any piece of white-owned land they want, defying a court trying him on charges of inciting violent property grabs.

Malema addressed cheering members of his ultra-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party near the courtroom in Bloemfontein, after a judge adjourned the politically charged hearing.

'When we leave here, you will see any beautiful piece of land, you like it, occupy it...

Malema wants a situation like that in Zimbabwe:
They [the McKinnons] had resisted the pressure of the land invaders for many years, perhaps protected by Zimbabweans who saw them as “good” farmers because they employed 250 permanent and seasonal workers, grew much-needed crops and donated food to a local school and orphanage.

But in one incident in 2012, Mark McKinnon was kidnapped and tortured for 24 hours by dozens of young men, believed to be the sons of high-ranking officials who wanted his farm.

“I was badly beaten, and they broke all my teeth,” he said. “It was horrific. But farming is the only thing I know, so I stood up and fought for it.”

This year, the pressure grew worse. Local magistrates issued several eviction orders. He appealed to higher courts, obtaining an injunction against the orders. In July, invaders arrived and began drinking beer outside the house. His father picked up a gun and ordered them to leave. Police arrested him and his wife and jailed them for four days.

Meanwhile, a state-owned newspaper accused them of hiding an “arms cache” – ignoring the fact that their guns were licensed and Mr. McKinnon was a member of Zimbabwe’s national clay-pigeon shooting team, often competing in international championships.

In late August, men broke into the house and tossed their furniture outside. Their belongings, including photos and papers, were strewn across the bush.

“I just said, ‘No, it’s enough now,’” Mr. McKinnon said. “I didn’t want my children hurt like I was hurt. They would have locked us up on any trumped-up charges.”


  1. Trump should accept white refugees from SA. The resulting liberal tears could fill an ocean.

    1. Countries should accept refugees from those places with similar living standards/ethnicity. This aids assimilation/cuts out economic migrants. So, yes, South Africa would be one country which would qualify.

    2. We should not be admitting Afrikaner refugees, we should be arming Afrikaner rebels.

    3. Trump should accept white refugees from SA.

      White South Africans voted for "majority rule" - they voted for the liberal la-la land of the Rainbow Nation. They thought that if they demonstrated their willingness to surrender then the future would be one big liberal hug-fest with lots of singing of Kumbaya by the campfire.

      I'd be happy to accept any white South Africans who voted against majority rule. But when people like Martin Young apply for refugee status I'd send them back to the Rainbow Nation. We have enough brain-dead liberals of our own.

    4. I agree with you re Martin Young. I don't see why he should be allowed to foul the nest elsewhere. Having said that, the last two South African immigrants I met had no liberal illusions.

    5. the last two South African immigrants I met had no liberal illusions.

      I used to work with a white Rhodesian guy. He had no illusions whatsoever. He's the sort of immigrant we need.

      There must be some way to filter out the liberals. I just wish I knew how it could be done.

  2. Mr. Richardson

    In your last post you had a link to an older post:

    After reading it I thought how the the thoughts from a decade ago regarding Liberalism as a dead end belongs here. Because when you believe that "Whiteness is like herpes" it frees you from feeling guilty for having "a lack of faith in the whole human enterprise". If your actions are going to destroy the West why not feel good about it by saying that being White is a disease!

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

    1. That's an excellent point which holds true in a general sense. It helps to explain why liberals adopt what seem to us to be irrational self-hating positions. If you have gone for the "no future" option for your own tradition, then you can assuage your feeling of guilt for what you are doing by portraying the tradition as a negative one anyway. This can range from "what is Australian/Austrian/Swedish/French culture anyway?" all the way to "whiteness is like herpes".

      Lionel Shriver was unusually intellectually strong and honest in the piece I linked to in not going down this path - she simultaneously recognised that she had chosen a path which would end her own tradition whilst at the same time recognising the tradition to be good. Most liberal intellectual types can't/don't/won't do this.

  3. I hope enough of them stay and fight for their country, just like their forefathers did. I lived in Pretoria in the late '90s and met plenty of Boere nationalists. When the fighting starts, I plan to return and join them.

    1. I lived in Pretoria in the late '90s and met plenty of Boere nationalists.

      I'm no expert on South Africa but there seems to be an enormous difference between he Boers and the English South Africans. A friend of mine was married to an English South African. He was a treacherous, lying, scheming sleazeball who spent his entire life living off the taxpayer on arts grants. In other words a typiocal liberal.