Monday, November 07, 2016

Feminist professor on white men

This is from Sara Ahmed, currently Professor of Race and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London:
I call upon white men not to keep reproducing white men; not to accept history as a good enough reason for your own reproduction.

It takes conscious willed and willful effort not to reproduce an inheritance.

She wants us to do the opposite of what we should be doing. Reproducing the best of your own inheritance is what responsible members of any nation or people seek to do.

She seems to see us as a kind of institutional bloc, standing in the way of her own progress, and therefore worthy to be torn down.

These are the fruits of a liberal society in the year 2016.


  1. She's calling for members of a competitor subspecies not to reproduce. I'm not sure this is anything more than basic evolutionary biology.

  2. That is pure hatred she spews.

    If any European professor said the same things about blacks, Orientals or Jews he routinely says about whites, he would be in prison.

    Hatred is evil. But self-hatred is not only evil, it is also SICK.

  3. I refer to liberals as the "genocide side." Truly they want us dead. We should meditate on this reality, and think and act accordingly.

  4. This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to the killing fields.

    Can't say we weren't warned.

    In my case, I would like to extend the same sentiment to her and her people.

    Race wars are seldom such one-sided affairs.

    1. As much as I am afraid for what may happen in the future, part of me is also very excited and curious to see what this anti-white hatred will lead to, especially with me being the "worst of the worst" (an intelligent, straight white male).

      Perhaps one day I may be able to play the victim card, LOL. *Sarcasm*

  5. We're doing what she recommends already and when we succeed her inheritors will be surprised to find themselves, in the vacuum that has replaced civilisation, returning to the age old practice of tending camels.

    'Race and Cultural Studies'...what use is such a concoction?

  6. This prose is typical academic feminist style. She is proposing the end to a way of thinking, a way of looking at the world, of talking about it and organising it. Not clear enough? Check the rhetoric again. Still not clear? That's the point.

    They think they're very clever by trying to separate institutions, actions and image from the white man himself. Don't worry, they say, we are not against you personally; we are just trying to destroy just every over elemental part of your being including how you comport yourself and how you engage with the world as a coherent group and wider culture (which is, like, totally illegitimate btw!)

    What's worse is the self-flagellating white men in the comments. Truly, white men are sick, but not in the way this feminist orc thinks.

    1. Yes, well put. At first, I wasn't sure if I should emphasise that she is talking about white men in institutional terms rather than biological ones. But ultimately it boils down to the same thing. White men are to deliberately withdraw from public spaces so that their own imprint is no longer fixed there so that ethnic minority lesbian feminists no longer feel "marginalised" by their presence. If white men were to accept such a demand en masse, then they would be done for in all senses. Either we have a responsibility to pass down our inheritance as something worthwhile or we withdraw to appease a group of people who have the wonders of radical lesbian feminism to contribute to world culture. Which will it be?