Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mark Latham on DV

Never thought I'd be posting something in support of Mark Latham. He is a former leader of the Australian Labor Party, who lost the 2004 federal election to John Howard. In the video below he wins an argument with two journalists on the issue of domestic violence. He mentions during the interview statistics published by the NSW coroners court. I've looked these up and they are very interesting - I'll post on them soon.


  1. That was terrific.
    Just moments ago, I read a review of Misogyny, The Male Malady by David D. Gilmore. I look forward to reading it. I also read a review of Headscarves and Hymens.
    I've been trying to define manhood and masculinity to my own satisfaction, in conjunction with the rapidly growing mass psychosis disordering the Western world concerning what so many now consider as "gender". Yesterday, President Obama, through our DOJ, ordered all public schools to adopt and accommodate every student's chosen "gender identity" regardless of their "sex 'assigned' (without due process or consent) at birth", while at the same time, the Bruce Jenner industry reports that he is, once again, thinking about "returning to being a man" because of his Christian belief that it would be a sin for him to date women, if he remains a "woman".
    I read that "Transgenders" and "transsexuals" self-inflict domestic violence at a rate an order of magnitude greater than any other privileged group in our society.
    This is the modern liberalism ball of wax. Domestic violence by "men" against "women" can't be, under the current mass schizophrenia, the fault of men assigned "male" at birth rather than "female", which might have been their preference, had they been able to consent via due process under our living Constitution. "He", within this through-the-looking-glass modern liberal paradigm, is just as much the victim as is "she".

  2. It's good to see stern some pushback in AUS.

    Two nights ago in some "current affairs" show on New Zealand prime-time television there was a piece on domestic violence and the use of self-defence as a legal recourse for women who kill their husbands during a fight, or commit premeditated murder against their so-called abusive husbands. The gist of the piece was that too few women are acquitted for killing their mean husbands, and this has to change. One barrister interviewed, a woman (I forget her name now) stated unequivocally that Domestic Violence is a crime committed by men against women and children, and that men must take collective responsibility for this epidemic of violence and fix it.

    There's a raft of bewildering stats floating about re DV in NZ. One such claim made in the NZ Herald in an article by Ann Leask claims that 80% (no exaggeration) of domestic violence incidents go unreported. How anyone could come to that conclusion remains a mystery. According to the article police attend 105,000 DV incidents a year, and if we "bump" that figure up by 80% we get an astonishing rate of 525,000 incidents over the course of a single year. That's over 1400 crimes a day.

    According to our friendly barrister from nighttime television, men are the perpetrators in EVERY SINGLE case. Let that sink in for a minute, and then let's assume 1/4 that number are individual perpetrators who commit multiple acts of violence. That's a potential 125,000 perpetrators every year in a country of 4.5 million people, half of whom are men. Assume again that a quarter of those perpetrators are convicted; that's 31,250 convictions a year, or 325,000 convictions in a single decade.

    1. Ann Leask might like to read something I posted back in 2009:

      It provides information that 2,336 women fronted court on domestic violence charges in NSW alone in the year 2007.

  3. It is really something that Mark Latham, of all people, is the most "right wing" politician (albeit former politician) in the country today.

  4. More on Mark and other former pollies who have found a voice on gender issues at