Tuesday, May 03, 2016

An even more revealing Swedish video

A few weeks ago I posted a video in which American uni students were asked if they would accept a man's claim to be a woman. Or Chinese. Or seven feet tall. The students mostly answered in the affirmative.

They did so because that is what the state ideology tells them they should do. According to liberalism, the highest good is to self-define who we are and to accept others doing the same. So if a man claims to be a woman? Or if a white person claims to be Chinese? A good liberal will respond "good for you".

A Swedish copycat video has now appeared. In some ways it is even better than the American one. The Swedish students are very clear that they will accept the claim from a very feminine Swedish woman that she is a man. But some of them hesitate to accept that she is Japanese or 7 feet tall or 7 years old. When asked to explain why they will accept that she is a man but not the other things they respond that she is not physiologically/biologically the other things. The Swedish woman then asks them the obvious follow up question: but isn't being female also something physiological/biological? The students struggle to cope when challenged this way.

To be consistent, and accept the claim that a biological woman is a man, you must then also accept that someone who is biologically Swedish is Japanese. Or seven feet tall. Or seven years old. The American students were consistent, the young Swedes haven't "got there yet".

What a strange world liberalism is leading us toward. There are basic aspects of reality being denied here. Imagine living within that mindset and how that would affect your sense of mental integrity.

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