Thursday, April 07, 2016

This makes my head hurt

Some things aren't easy to grasp. Take the case of Jory Micah. She's an American evangelist who describes herself this way:
In a nutshell, I am a girly girl at heart who just wants to have fun!

This isn't so unusual. It's common to hear women say things like this. Women will often say that they want men who don't take themselves too seriously and that they themselves just want to have fun. It's as if some women experience life in a lighter way than men, skimming playfully along the surface rather than trying to drill down.

On her website Jory Micah shows pictures of herself looking happy together with her husband and pet chihuahua. But get this. The other side to Jory Micah is that she wants to overturn the evangelical tradition by staking a claim for female leadership of the church. She wants to break through what she calls the glass steeple.

She's a girly girl who just wants to have fun but she also wants to lead men in the church.

I just don't get this. The male character is different to a woman's. Consider the issue of gravitas:
As a Latin word, gravitas is understood to embody several complementary attributes. Generally, gravitas is understood to mean dignity, duty, and seriousness. All three qualities were thought to be important in male personal deportment, and were often used as a means of determining when a boy could rightly claim to have reached his majority and could be considered a man in both psychological as well as physical stature.

So a man raised to maturity with a sense of duty and seriousness is supposed to submit to the leadership of a girly girl woman looking for fun? It's pushing things isn't it?


  1. Women want what they want. It's always "me, me, me". Tradition, duty, and dignity are irrelevant to them.

  2. As someone who is former pastor in one of the Large Pentecostal Charismatic Evangelical Denominations, I can assure you that feminism is alive and thriving in the Evangelical Church. I have witnessed many men who call themselves 'Pastors', who supposedly 'lead' the church, cave in to every whim of their controlling and dominating wives on every issue including church issues. I was so disgusted by it, I handed in my credential and now work in a non-denominational organisation. This organisation is not free of this curse, but it is marginally better. I don't only blame the women, but the men who desperately need to 'grow a set' and tell their wives what the Bible says in this regard. I read an incredible book once and very often recommend it to men I speak with called "No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice, Instead of Good, Hurts Men, Women and Children." by Paul Coughlin. Well worth a read. It highlights the issue in a very explanatory, but also deep way.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for recommending the book - it sounds interesting.