Monday, April 25, 2016

Obama: Merkel on the right side of history

President Obama has told Angela Merkel that she is "on the right side of history" for opening the floodgates to Muslim immigration into Germany. He described her as humanitarian for doing so, though he appears to be unaware of how callous he is being toward the native German people in making such comments. The sadness of experiencing your own people being dissolved amongst an ongoing wave of immigration is apparently of no concern to President Obama.

The video below was taken in October of last year. It shows two women observing an Islamic march through Hannover and discussing, in a blunt and clear-sighted way, what this means for the future of their own society.


  1. The Genocidal Assumptions of 'Diversity' (aka White Genocide):

    Every single place on the planet that is currently White in any proportion or degree, should be getting less White from here on out. Indefinitely.
    You name it: it could be Cambridge, Rotterham, Berlin, Toronto, Denver, Lillehammer. If there's White people there now, at all, the premise
    is 'there had better be fewer White people there both proportionately and absolutely in 10 years time then there are now'.
    What could be more blatantly Genocidal and evil than that?

    'No place left White is the mantra of Progressivistic White genocide.'

    1. Objectively it is genocide. President Obama believes that supporting genocide puts you "on the right side of history".

  2. The wheel's still in spin. History is only a record of past events.