Friday, June 13, 2014

We're different - in a bad way

Today in Washington DC a "secular summit" took place, attended by quite a few congressmen and women.

What was a bit different about this summit was the pricing structure. At the website we are told the summit is: "FREE for students, women, LGBTQ community, and minorities".

That would make the summit free for just about everybody. Except white men, who are expected to pay $100.00 each.

Now, this is a small matter in the greater scheme of things. But it does reveal, I think, a certain mindset on the political left. Either it is being assumed that all white men are so privileged that they can afford to pay when others can't, or else it is a kind of punitive attitude toward white men for supposedly being an oppressor class.

Either way, it shows a deepening hostility toward us on the left. You can only hope that it will alienate some young white men from identifying with such leftist politics.


  1. No, this is exactly the problem of how government works.

    I earn and save more, and am simply taxed away to destroy my accomplishments to have it given to others,.

    Yes. They steal from me and receive free things, and pretend its just.

    IT isnt.

    Parasites OUT!!!!

  2. This sort of thing could tip the Evil White Male into forming a reaction that will retake the world for common sense. It wont be pretty for the Leftists but the rest of the world will be better off.

    1. No. It won't. The White Man has proven himself to be the perennial gimp of the modern era. There is no amount of self flagellation that will sate the hunger of the liberal mind. Self Hate is now a form of status competition for Whites.

  3. You might have enjoyed this exchange I overheard a few weeks before the 2013 Election in Tanya Plibersek's inner city of Sydney. The local ALP Branch had set up a stall in King St Newtown and were handing out pamphlets, as they tried to hand one to fashionably dressed young Man of about 25 and with his Girlfriend said "If she wants the job of representing this electorate I'm putting her where she puts blokes for jobs, I'm putting her last where she'd put me!" The stall worker was just dead silent and looked away.

  4. "You can only hope that it will alienate some young white men from identifying with such leftist politics."

    The sorts of young white men who would want to attend such a summit are so consumed by self-loathing that they are more likely to complain that they're not being charged enough to discharge their burden of guilt for being young white men.

  5. Universal, impartial morality requires that everybody get an ice-pick in the head. Unless your name is not Leon Trotsky. If your name is not Leon Trotsky, you get a free pass.

    That is the way anti-white morality works. It works that way for the Washington DC "secular summit", and it works that way for mass immigration and forced assimilation, which everyone gets a free pass on except for whites.

    It is always targeting under a shallow pretense of universality.

  6. I went to the website and the front page has a scrolling flash script with featured speakers. The third speaker was a guy named Chris Stedman and in well under a second a took a brief glance and concluded that he was gay.

    After a 30 second google search? Yep. Gay. Weirdest thing.