Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's not so simple Susie

Bendigo is a regional city here in Victoria with a population of about 80,000. The city now has 200 Muslim residents, mainly it seems due to the presence of a university campus there. These 200 Muslim residents have applied to build a $3 million mega mosque, which has caused much controversy in the city.

Susie O'Brien, a columnist for the Herald Sun, believes that opponents of the mosque are just being racist. She thinks the issue is a simple one:
Extreme elements of the Islamic faith certainly have no place in Australia.

But that should not stop moderate, law-abiding Australian Muslims from exercising their cultural and religious beliefs. As long as they abide by our laws and our customs, Muslims should have the same freedom of religious expression as any other group in society; for example, the freedom to build a house of worship, such as a mosque.

She is right that if you are going to have Muslim immigrants then you are going to have mosques.

But I don't think this is as straightforward as Susie O'Brien claims. Why, for instance, build a towering mega mosque for a couple of hundred Muslim overseas students in a regional Victorian city?

My instinctive response was to think "It's a marking of territory." And when I looked at some websites covering the issue, one of the explanations for the mosque was that it was intended to undercut the Buddhists in Bendigo. It seems that Bendigo has been selected as a future site for Buddhist worship, with the housing there of a Jade Buddha of Universal Peace in a Great Stupa. The Stupa has been built on a grand scale:

The Great Stupa under construction
So it seems that Bendigo is fated to be contested between an East Asian population of Buddhists and a Middle-Eastern one of Muslims.

Which brings me to my second point. It's understandable that the locals would be particularly reluctant to accept the fate of becoming a centre of Islam here in Victoria. Bendigo is a picturesque and peaceful small regional city:

It can't be easy for local residents to imagine a transformation along Islamic lines. Especially not when images of violence in Muslim areas are so prominent in the news. Here, for instance, is a picture of the Mahdi suicide bomber militia, raised by Shiite clerics in Iraq to counteract the even more violent ISIS Sunni army:

Susie O'Brien's response is to say that we will keep out extremist elements from Australia whilst welcoming moderate Muslims. But the problem with that is that it is sometimes the children of the law abiding immigrants who join the extremist groups. The Daily Mail has been running a series of articles on British Muslims who have joined up with ISIS in Iraq. It is thought that there could be 500 already who have done so (alongside 150 from Australia). Some are very well-educated young men who have gone against their parents' wishes:
The furious father of a star medical student who went to fight jihad before appearing in a chilling ISIS recruitment video has said he has binned family pictures of his son.

Nasser Muthana, 20, has been revealed as a key figure in a chilling recruitment video aimed at luring jihadists to Iraq.

The star medical student secretly travelled to Syria from his family home in Cardiff with his 17-year-old brother Aseel - despite being offered the opportunity to study medicine by four universities.

Today, his furious father Ahmed Muthana, 57, said if his sons ever return to the UK, he would like to see them jailed.

You can select the most law-abiding of immigrants but still end up with 500 sons committed to violent jihad.

Such are the fruits of the liberalism of our political class. Australia ought to have continued to uphold its own identity and culture. That should have been our contribution to a global diversity of culture.


  1. I expect the sheer meaninglessness of modern life contributes to this sort of thing. All but the most degenerate find an existence devoted to nothing more than bestial pleasures(the modern western way of life that is) to be insupportable. This is not to endorse the vile false religion of mahometanism in any way, I'd like to see them all become Catholics and mahometanism vanish from the face of the earth. As for Australian identity and culture that is gone the way of the semaphore and whale oil lamp unfortunately. It won't be coming back. Moderns prefer their dung sandwich imitation of that which pours forth from the open sewer of America. Even white men sometimes become mahometans. I think this is because they have never known anything but the cult of the twin idols Mammon and Dionysus which is the real religion of the west, and seeing some semblance of order and a certain obedience to the natural law among the mahometans they are drawn to their religion. They see something that men are willing to fight and die for. Whoever gave his life to fornicate one more time or snort another line of dope? Moderns are generally speaking depraved apostate scum who would be spat upon and held in utter contempt by their ancestors. They squandered their beautiful inheritance for a mess of judaeo-masonic pottage. The invasion of foreigners is part of God's punishment of these heretics and apostates and there is nothing that will stop it save true conversion and a national public penance and we know how likely that is. Civilization was nice while it lasted but its end was inevitable. Such is life.

    1. Anon, you do touch upon some truths in this comment, and I certainly understand the regret at what has been squandered, but even now it is worthwhile to encourage a spirit of resistance rather than defeat. Look at what is happening in France - that would not have been expected even ten years ago. Wherever there is the chance of salvaging something, we should be oriented toward positive goals.

      We have to remember too that most ordinary Westerners did not approve of the changes that were made by those in power. Their wishes were overridden. Most Westerners, for instance, remained family-oriented rather than endorsing a liberal morality (though we're starting to see the failure of that family culture amongst the less educated now).

      Even if we cannot salvage everything of what we once were, we can take back parts of it and hold our heads high in the process.

    2. The assertion that most Westerners did not approve of the changes that were made by the elites is untrue. The elites could not have forced through the radical changes they made if they encountered serious popular resistance. The fact is that the majority of the population have been supine, willingly gave up their religion and embraced the allure of idolatry leading them on the road to hell.

      Family dysfunction is a feature of all classes of society and not just the lower socio economic classes. And the majority of Westerners are not family orientated although some still have families, highly dysfunction as many are.

      What has happened in France was entirely predictable even more than 10 years ago. The NF did not rise to power overnight, they have been around and planning for this for a long long time.

      How are you planning to salvage Australia?

    3. Anon, of course it's true that serious popular resistance would have thwarted the elites. But it's human nature that most people aren't up to this. There has to be a leadership with a clear and effective alternative. That simply hasn't existed.

      Why has France been different lately? It's possible that the Church still has some influence in regional France; it's possible that the National Front has reached a position of influence that has encouraged a wider resistance; it's possible that some of the identitarian politics that has been around in France for quite some time has encouraged the popular movement as well. It's hard for me to tell from such a distance.

      There are no shortcuts to salvaging Australia. If anything is to happen it first of all requires that we begin to recruit talented young people to a clearly expressed traditionalist politics. We're not quite there.

      So the real question is: how can traditionalism be clearly expressed and how do we set about appealing to young, intelligent Westerners?

    4. Passivity and a failure to resist attacks on one's civilisation cannot be put down to human nature. Muslims too are human and watch what happens when they are under attack. They push back and the elites back down. It happens over and over again. The elites are afraid of them and their propensity to violence.

      If the Western people behaved the same way, the elites would back off. The Western man is weak and corrupt and the direction his civilisation has taken is his own fault.
      The only way in which Western civilisation can recover is to return to its Christian roots

    5. Anon (above), yes and no. A Muslim man can announce himself to be proud of his faith and heritage and no one blinks an eyelid. If a Western man does it, and expresses a belief that his own tradition should be defended, he gets utterly blown to pieces by the liberal establishment. The level of repression placed on Western men has been much greater.

      Furthermore, because liberalism permeates the West much more than it does in Muslim lands, Westerners who sense that something is wrong will often just grasp at some variant of liberalism to express their opposition.

      Finally, a return to Christianity is no simple thing. Most Christian parishes today offer nothing like the historic Christianity and joining up is just as likely to make people more extreme in their modernism.

      There is no avoiding the whole issue of the fundamental principles at work.

    6. " A Muslim man can announce himself to be proud of his faith and heritage and no one blinks an eyelid. If a Western man does it, and expresses a belief that his own tradition should be defended, he gets utterly blown to pieces by the liberal establishment. The level of repression placed on Western men has been much greater."

      If the Western man reacted with the same vigour and even violence that the Muslim uses then the elites will back off. To fear the liberal elites to the extent of utter passivity is just an excuse for moral cowardice.

      Muslims are living in the West in large numbers, attending the same schools and watching the same television. They still manage to resist its corrosive effects.

      Without a return to Christianity then there is no hope for survival. Any civilisation which does survive will not be Western.

    7. Anon, the call to return to Christianity won't do when Christianity itself is so compromised. Can we really say that the average Christian man is any more a leader of the West than the average secular man? If not, then why not?

      I would love to see Christianity return as a religion that could form the basis of a civilisation but in its current incarnation it simply isn't such a religion. So a call to Christianity has to be part of a larger thinking through of what has gone wrong in Western thought and of how Christianity once was, and might be again, a corrective to it.

    8. That statement is not true. Christianity is not compromised. Some Churches are corrupted but it is a sweeping and false generalisation to say Christianity is compromised. There are churches which stick to Biblical truth and are lead by people with sound moral conscience. And the strong Christian is a better leader than the average secular man as the latter in general has few strong principles.

      The collapse of Christianity as a basis for civilisation due to secularisation is the most important cause of social collapse and until that is dealt with there will be no recovery. The rest is just window dressing.

    9. Anon (above), we're going to have to disagree on this one. You cannot consider yourself a good traditionalist just by joining a church. Most Christian churches today are not good vehicles for traditionalism; nor is the Christian culture that flows from these churches anything like the Christian culture that predominated a century or more ago. I don't mean in saying this that Christianity is not part of the solution for Western man, but it's not as simple as rolling up to your local parish.

    10. "You cannot consider yourself a good traditionalist just by joining a church." No one said that but the fact is that you cannot be a traditionalist without being a Christian. That's the bottom line and there are plenty of uncorrupted Churches for the motivated to find. There is no need for a traditional person to join a corrupt church. The Churches which teach Biblical truths are a strong anchoring force in society and have founded growing social movements and organisations to oppose liberalism.

      Western civilisation is based upon 2 premises - The primacy of Christianity over the state (hence no separation of religion and state) and the rule by hereditary monarchy (God's chosen rulers for his people). The atheist and the Republican are therefore not traditionalists.

  2. "we will keep out extremist elements from Australia whilst welcoming moderate Muslims"

    That's insane - not only do the children of moderates become extremist, but refugee/asylum policy is strongly biased towards attracting extremists, since they are typically the ones with the most plausible narrative of being persecuted in their home states. And this isn't a recent phenomenon; back in the 1970s many the losing side in the civil war that established Bangladesh (as an independent country from Pakistan) fled to Britain as 'refugees'. The losing side was the bad guys - vicious Islamist extremists who had tried to wipe out the nascent country's entire middle class in order to ensure that Bangladesh would be crippled at birth. Our asylum policy has a long history of welcoming the most evil elements from all over the world.

  3. It is just another Celtic/Germanic woman welcoming the destruction of her culture. What is surprising about her article? Swedish leftist women support the invasion of muslims. Most of the converts to Islam in Western Europe are women. Celtic/Germanic women hate their own men with a passion unlike any other women in the world.

    1. Phil, I understand why you say that, as there are plenty of Susie O'Brien types in the media. However, when it comes to dating, white women are the most loyal to their own men, much more so for instance than Asian women are to Asian men.

    2. Is Asian women are not loyal to Asian men then by extrapolation, Western men are not loyal to their own women as some of them seek to genocide their own societies by producing half breed children with Asian women.

      Asian women are in general loyal to their own men. Very few Indian women marry non Indian men. The Chinese, Thais and Filipinos who marry whites do so to marry higher ranking men than they would be permitted to marry in their own societies where class and hierarchy prevents hypergamous marriage. Their motivation is therefore greed. However when they later divorce (or quite often kill) their white husbands then the revenue they have extracted from the West goes straight back to their own men.

  4. Anonymous from Sunday again, thank you for your kindly reply Mr. Richardson. I would suggest that the tiny remnant of the Faithful keep themselves to themselves so to speak. They ought to live apart from the multitude, quarantined as it were to avoid having their children contaminated. Anon. Monday's comment regarding the failure of the general population to resist the social engineering to any great degree is sadly spot on. The defection was so rapid and complete as to be rather chilling. It makes one think of those parts of Holy Scripture wherein God warns mankind of the universal apostasy that would come in the latter times of the world. I would say that this is either the great apostasy or at least the last and greatest foreshadowing or type of it. The pleasure-worship and religious indifferentism of America is in a way more pernicious than International Marxism. One sees this in the history of Spain for instance. What Stalin's bloodthirsty international brigades failed to accomplish with years of sanguinary terrorism was done quite handily by American-style cinema and television. The people didn't have to be coerced, they deserted the Church enthusiastically when the right bait was offered in the right way. How sickening it all is, it's like watching someone who survived a terrible war die from a fever given him by a mosquito, a contemptible insect. All should pray the Holy Rosary daily and beg Our Lady for the grace of a holy death, may God have mercy on us.

    1. The Bible demonstrates this over and over again. Idolatry is alluring and tempting and the people who are weak in faith repeatedly fall for it. Sexual immorality was the first temptation and as no society can survive sexual liberation, social collapse duly followed.

  5. Susie O'Brien mentions moderate Muslims. Anyone interested in turning the pages of the holy koran will not find any mention of the term moderate muslim. Nor is there any reference to a variety of muslim known as a radical muslim. The only mention of those who cleave to islam is to refer to them as muslim.


  6. "The city now has 200 Muslim residents, mainly it seems due to the presence of a university campus there."

    I live in Bendigo and suspect it's quite a few more than that.. We're a big hospital town these days and there are many doctors and nurses who have come to Australia on 457 visas. Many of them are Muslims from India and Pakistan. The Tax business I work for has at least a hundred Muslims as clients and we're not a huge business. Personally I have nearly thirty who hail from Iran, all of whom are doctors. Interestingly about half of THEM are women.

    I should also point out that the population of Bendigo is probably well over 100,000 at this point.

  7. I pray that "Susie" (what is it with adults and jejune names these days?) and her daughter have to deal with some direct Enrichment by the Diversities they are so in favour of. There is no way to convince these progtard women of their errors, only the bitter reality of life experience will turn them. I only hope she gets a maximal lesson. She deserves it in spades.

  8. This is what follows when Simple Susie sets the agenda.