Monday, March 18, 2013

Fourth generation socialist families!

Owen Jones is a young left-wing writer from the UK. He describes himself as a fourth generation socialist. His grandfather was a member of the Communist Party and his parents were Trotskyists.

So what happens when you grow up in such a socialist family? Well, for one thing you don't call your mum "mum":

That tweet was made in the context of Owen Jones describing his mother's commitment to feminism.

It's that idea again that we should be self-defining and therefore we shouldn't be defined by a traditional or inherited or natural role like that of mother. Therefore, Owen is not allowed to call his mother "mum".

It's a logical application of the theory, but it suggests that the theory itself is misguided and that self-definition is not always and everywhere the principle to be followed.

Hat tip: David Thompson


  1. I followed that link...

    Depressing, the amount of leftist vermin that exist out there... utter scum that they are.

  2. I think that must have been C. S. Lewis' idea when he described the Scrubb family in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. They were very 'up-to-date and advanced people' and Eustace (the son) never called his father and mother 'father' and 'mother' but 'Harold' and 'Alberta.'

  3. Happily, there won't be a 5th generation because they'll refuse to breeed ("mum" or "dad" being such a limiting role, you know).

  4. And Owen Jones is gay anyway. But he might adopt children and indoctrinate them...