Monday, March 18, 2013

A new blog: Upon Hope

It's always pleasing to be able to announce a new traditionalist blog. The latest is called Upon Hope and is being run by a Melbourne traditionalist, Mark Moncrieff.

I wish Mark every success with his new website and I encourage readers to drop by and check it out and to add it to their links.


  1. Dear Mr. Richardson

    I thought you and your readers might find the following of interest.

    The first week of my blog, with only a few friends notified of it's existence I received 61 pageviews from 4 different countries.

    Within 12 hours of this post I received 104 pageviews from 10 countries.

    The link is much appreciated!

    Yours Sincerely
    Mark Moncrieff

  2. Mark,

    I visited your site to comment, but that requires registration - something I don't do.

    Have you considered a comment system like the one here?

  3. Dear Lastango

    I'm new to being a blogger so I'm still learning how all this works. I've posted on how to comment at my site. I hope to hear your comment.

    Mark Moncrieff

  4. Mark M,

    Glad to have sent some traffic your way!